What are the most popular takeaway choices around the world? The top choice may suprise you!

What do Brits love best on top of a pizza – and it was a surprise to many as the classic Margherita didn’t grab the top spot. We can now reveal that the nation’s best loved pizza is the classic pepperoni and pizza tops the worldwide most chosen takeway too!

Sometimes there can be nothing better than taking a night off, and indulging in a great takeaway. During 2020, we deserved and did that more than ever, with many restaurants around the world unfortunately having to close their doors and instead solely offer takeaway services.

Which got us thinking, what have we all been ordering? We turned to Google to find exactly that out, using global search data to track how much we’ve all been searching for various food choices, and therefore reveal what the world’s been craving the most.

The Top 10 Takeout Choices: What The World Orders Most

After ranking what foods over 100 countries are searching for the most, there was only one clear winner: pizza. Beloved by almost everybody due to the sheer number of choices on offer, from meat feasts and pineapple toppings to a growing selection of vegan options, it’s no surprise that it would feature high up on the list. But with a staggering 44 countries favouring a slice, our love for pizza has never been clearer! Pizza ranked as the number one food of choice for countries all the way from France to Barbados, and of course its home: Italy.

Chinese takeaways claimed second place, being favoured by a still very impressive 29 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Sushi meanwhile ranked as the third most popular takeout choice in the world, hinting that healthier choices do still feature in our delivery app order histories, and that it’s not all cheese, chips and chow meins!

#Takeout ChoiceNumber of countries that search for it the most
4Fish and Chips6
5Fried Chicken5

To help to provide a quick view of which foods are being ordered-in the most around the world, we’ve also created this trusty colour coded map, that covers the top choices for 109 countries!

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