What is inside the 2022 Oscars gift bag

Nominees of the highly anticipated 2022 Oscars will receive gift bags worth over $100,000 filled with wildly luxurious goodies.

We’re told the gift bag is dubbed the ‘Everybody Wins’ gift bag which includes life coaching sessions, luxury holidays and liposuction offers and will be dished out at the Academy Awards this March 26.

Each individual gift bag is worth over $100,000, with some even including plots of land in Scotland and a two-night stay in a Scottish castle.

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If you’re wondering who thought of the elaborate goodie bag — it is non other than Los Angeles-based marketing company Distinctive Assets. A lot of the exclusive gifts sourced by the company don’t even have price tags available to view online.

There is an interesting variety of gifts available for nominees — one of them being ‘arm sculpting’ by Celebrity Arms.

The rather interesting ‘gift’ is a liposuction treatment which purports to help customers achieve leaner and more toned arms.

Dr. Thomas Su, the clinic’s owner, claims that the treatment focuses on sculpting the body rather than just simply removing fat.

To add to the list, nominees are able to claim up to $10,000 worth of cosmetic treatments from top surgeon Dr Konstantin Vasyukevich where they can receive anything from laser skin resurfacing, Botox and fillers.

Non-surgical treatments from the top surgeon can cost anywhere from $300 and $600 per pop.

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For those not wanting to get ‘work done’, there is the option to have free renovations on their homes.

Included in the gift bag is the help of Los Angeles-based development company Maison Construction. The company claims to approach every project with “a commitment to excellence, integrity, and superior project management”.

However, if construction isn’t their thing, nominees can pick to have a free $700 life coaching session with holistic healing and wellness expert Kayote Joseph.

Joseph aims to help people manifest their ideal lives — incorporating neuroscience, quantum physics and psychology in her coaching methods.

Another interesting item included in the gift bag is a year’s supply of Oxygenetix — an award winning foundation that acts as a ‘treatment’ that ‘heals’ the skin.

The foundation retails for $59 and works to increase the skins oxygen intake to increase healing and speed up the process of scarring.

Continuing on the luxurious list is an abundance of gold coated edibles — including gold dipped pretzels infused in olive oil.

The pretzels are infused in ARITI premium extra virgin olive oil which is so exclusive that you can’t order it online. So extra!

Also on offer is a private stay at Turin Castle in ForFar, Scotland. Guests will have the entire accommodation to themselves during a three-night stay which includes butler service. Luxurious is an understatement!

Staying on the Scottish theme, Highland Titles — a family-run business — are offering the gift of a plot of land in the nation’s highlands.

The land, which totals $300 per 100 square feet, will also give nominees the title of ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ of Glencoe — what a steal!

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