What Type Of Content Perform Best On Instagram

Instagram had over 700 million monthly active users as of February this year, with an incredible 80% of those 700 million people following at least one company. 

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that 60% of Instagram users say they’ve discovered a new company or product using the app, and 30% say they’ve purchased something they initially saw on Instagram.

If you’re not on Instagram, the point is clear: you’re missing out on business with your competitors.

Since the newsfeed algorithm was implemented last year, knowing what posts do well on Instagram has become even more crucial. So if you want to buy instagram likes 2022, there are many contents that you could use.  

1: Behind-The-Scenes Content

Behind-the-scenes content gives fans an intimate view of your life, making them feel as though they actually know you. 

This allows you to show off your brand’s personality while also contributing to its tale. 

In many cases, this content gives your company a human face, which is a significant bonus because many customers want that genuine connection. 

Make sure you’re sharing plenty of behind-the-scenes content if you’re a small or local firm. People love to support local companies and feel like they’re a part of the action; thus, this ‘exclusive look’ will generate interest.

2: User-Generated Content

Customer-centered posts do very well on Instagram because your followers are never more concerned about your business than they are about how your business might enhance their lives. 

User-generated content UGC-focused pieces, in particular, will experience some of the best interactions on the site. 

Asking for UGC or distributing UGC that users have already created are two examples of user-generated content. 

Ask consumers to generate content with your branded hashtag whenever possible so you can find, curate, and distribute it afterward.

3: Timely Content

On Instagram, timely material is always popular. 

This is due in part to hashtags. Instead of hoping that anything exciting comes up in their feeds on July 4th, users can simply search for #bbqandfireworks to see what’s going on. 

Share images of current material with relevant hashtags that you know your target audience will be searching for. 

Not only will this generate a lot of interest, but it will also help you swiftly grow your following.

4: Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotations, whether you believe they’re cheesy or not, inspirational quotes generate a lot of interaction and are a terrific way to connect with people. 

The finest ones are motivational or touch on a universal theme to connect with the audience. 

These posts are ideal for health, sports, fashion, and entrepreneurship businesses.

You can use these contents to get more likes, comments, and shares on Instagram. 

5: Video

Videos have become even more popular on Instagram now that it includes Stories. 

Videos grab people’s attention and encourage them to linger over your content rather than swiping rapidly through them. 

You can also see how many people have seen your video and what they’ve said about it, which is a terrific way to assess how far your brand has spread.

6: Multi-Image Posts

Instagram stories with many images are a terrific way to tell a story.

You can use them to tell a story about your product or tell a fascinating story about your team. These images allow you to experiment and be more creative in presenting different aspects of your business.

Airbnb uses these photographs to create stories about their users and their listings in their Instagram feed. 

They begin by showing their following the outside of the house, specifically the front door of their potato-themed home. Then, the graphic introduces the property and the vistas that customers may expect when they visit.

7: Instagram Moving Images

GIFs and Boomerangs can increase engagement with your Instagram posts. They’re also a great approach to highlight distinct parts of your goods that would be difficult to present in a static image.

Moving graphics are probably the best tools you have for highlighting your brand’s personality outside of video commercials. 

Bellroy’s followers would never be able to witness the wallet tab’s functioning if it weren’t for the movement in this post. Bellroy’s stream is primarily made up of static photographs; thus, the GIF does a terrific job breaking it up.

Concluding Thoughts

Instagram has quickly grown to become a big player in social media marketing.

All organizations and brands should be familiar with how to use it. 

Instagram users prefer posts with specific content and aesthetic elements, and combining the two will help you improve engagement and followers while also improving customer relationships.

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