5 Ways to Make Your Name Card Stand Out

  1. Include information from social media sites.

Your business card is an excellent opportunity to drive new connections to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and to grow your social media following. It also allows them to get a sense of what you are like as a company and any positive feedback you have received. If you are going to accomplish this, you will need to keep your social media platforms updated often.

  1. They do not need all of your contact information.

When it comes to contact information, how much information is too much? Although you may be tempted to include all of your contact information, such as your mobile number, home number, company address, fax number, email address, and social media accounts, this might be a lot of information to digest at once, so be judicious. Consider where you’d like these individuals to interact with you. Where do they have a better chance of getting a feel of you and your company? Instead of putting all of them on just because you can, choose the finest ones. Let kiasuprint.com handle your name card design, and they will provide great advice that creates better image for your name card.

  1. Your homepage should not be included.

This would almost certainly lead to a split in opinion, but there is a reason for it. If they already know your contact information, the homepage of your website is not usually the greatest location to start a discussion. If it is a new contact, you could be better suited pointing them to something more dynamic. This may be a dedicated recruiting landing page, a blog that you update on a regular basis, a YouTube channel that you update with webinars and other content or something as simple as a free download.

  1. Be Visual 

Logos are significant for a variety of reasons, and they will be one of the first things people look at when they get your business card. Not only business cards, you can use them on Custom notepads as well.

While a logo is a nice addition to a card, it might get monotonous if it is the only image. Make sure you include photos that will elicit a response. A new trend is to show off some of your goods or case studies to add some individuality to your profile. It also serves as a small reminder of your case studies in your pocket.

  1. Define your card’s purpose.

Your business card should be functional. Brand recognition, sales, or recruiting are all possibilities. Some business cards are created to seem like little catalogues or pamphlets. There are even business cards that double as notebooks, which means the recipient is more likely to keep it in their wallet and remember you when they use it.

For business cards: Don’t try to overload your business card. When you do this, everything gets lost, and people don’t want to read it.

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