Best Nintendo Switch Settings You Should Be Using

With previous console generations, in order to play games, you had to turn on your television, switch to the proper channel or input, and turn on the console. Thanks to the magic of HDMI, modern consoles can automatically do all of the above. This feature goes by many names, but on the Switch, it is known as “Match TV Power State,” which is found in the “TV Settings” tab in the System Settings menu. Once active, all you have to do is turn on the Switch, and it will automatically activate the TV and set it to the proper input.

Even if the Match TV Power State feature only offered that setting, it would still save gamers time and headaches. But when Nintendo decided to call this setting “Match TV Power State,” they meant it. When turned on, not only does this feature let the Switch turn on the television, but users can turn off the Switch just by switching off the TV. The fewer devices you have to power down, the less likely you are to forget one.

Improve Switch Download Speeds By Changing the MTU Setting

The internet is a crucial aspect of modern gaming. Not only can you play against other gamers who aren’t in the same room (or country, for that matter), but you can also download entire games and updates with relative ease. If you own multiple consoles, though, you might notice the Nintendo Switch’s download speeds are slow compared to rival platforms. However, you can improve the situation by playing with an obscure setting.

Like many consoles these days, you either connect your Switch to the internet via wi-fi or a wired cable. You can even alter some connection settings, such as the MTU. This acronym stands for “maximum transmission unit,” and it determines the size of data your console can receive. The larger the MTU (up to a certain point), the larger the packets, and the larger the packets, the faster the download speed. The Switch’s MTU is set to 1400 by default, but many owners on Reddit and elsewhere claim they can speed up downloads and reduce online game lag by setting a network’s MTU to 1500.

To change your Switch’s MTU, enter the console’s System Settings, scroll down to “Internet,” and select “Internet Settings.” Pick the network you are connected to and click on “Change Settings.” Scroll down to “MTU,” and then select it to enter a new value. However, you can’t enter just any number, and even if you could, the MTU is a “your mileage may vary” kind of setting. Unless your router can handle a high MTU, changing your Switch’s value won’t fix anything. Before fiddling with this option, use a Ping Test to figure out your optimal MTU size.

Color Settings For Graphics Optimization

Not all displays are built the same. Even though most games perform worse while undocked, the Switch’s screen is optimized to play Switch games. But what are the odds any random TV will provide the same color experience when the console is docked? Sometimes, you need to change a few settings to make a game look right.

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