Expanding on Mario Party 3’s Arrival on Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Enriches Its Library with Mario Party 3 for Nintendo Switch Online


Excitement reached a fever pitch among gamers as Nintendo unveiled the addition of Mario Party 3 to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass on October 26. This eagerly awaited game now joins the Nintendo 64 Collection, alongside revered titles like F-Zero X, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Tennis, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Lylat Wars, Banjo-Kazooie, and Mario Golf. This article will delve into the exciting details of Mario Party 3’s inclusion in the gaming library, the game’s unique features, and its significance in the realm of multiplayer gaming.

Mario Party 3 – A New Adventure Begins

Mario Party 3 is not just another addition to the gaming catalog; it signifies a new era in the Mario Party franchise. This third installment brought fresh characters into the fold, most notably Waluigi and Daisy, who became playable characters for the very first time. What’s more, Waluigi introduced his unique board, “Waluigi’s Island,” complete with its own set of traps and contraptions, which brought a new layer of excitement to the game.

The game showcased an impressive array of over 70 mini-games, each designed to test players’ skills, wits, and teamwork. Some of the noteworthy mini-games included “Tick Tock Hop,” “Eatsa Pizza,” “Vine With Me,” “Picture Imperfect,” “Snowball Summit,” and “Eye Sore,” providing endless fun and competition. Additionally, Mario Party 3 revolutionized the series by introducing a Story mode, which allowed players to embark on a quest to become the ultimate Superstar of the universe.

Innovations that Redefined Mario Party

In its quest to keep the franchise fresh and exciting, Nintendo introduced several innovative elements in Mario Party 3. One of the most significant additions was the Duel mode, which added an extra layer of strategy and competition to the gameplay. The Duel mode enabled players to engage in thrilling one-on-one battles, adding an exciting twist to the traditional party game format.

Game Guy, another new feature, introduced an element of chance and risk into the game. This character would invite players to partake in games of chance that could greatly influence the outcome of the overall match, making for unpredictable and memorable gaming sessions.

Moreover, the inclusion of a variety of new items enhanced the strategic depth of Mario Party 3. These items allowed players to devise unique tactics and turn the tide in their favor during the heat of competition.

A Trio of Classic Party Fun

Mario Party 3’s arrival on Nintendo Switch Online further solidifies the legacy of the Mario Party franchise on the platform. With the previous inclusion of Mario Party and Mario Party 2 in the Nintendo 64 library, the trilogy is now complete. While the subsequent installment, Mario Party 4, made its debut on the GameCube console, Nintendo Switch Online currently lacks a GameCube library. Therefore, players who crave the quintessential party gaming experience will find themselves content with the trio of Mario Party games and the more recent Super Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars.

What’s Next for Nintendo Switch Online?

While the specific additions to Nintendo Switch Online in the coming months remain shrouded in mystery, Nintendo has tantalizingly hinted at the introduction of 1080° Snowboarding to the Nintendo 64 library. In addition, fans of the Game Boy Advance will be pleased to know that beloved titles like Golden Sun and F-Zero Maximum Velocity are on the horizon, providing an ever-expanding gaming selection for Nintendo enthusiasts.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Refreshing Take on a Classic Franchise


Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the latest entrant in Nintendo’s storied Mario franchise, represents a remarkable departure from the norm. Launched on the Nintendo Switch, this 2D sidescroller marks the return of the iconic plumber, Mario, to his roots. This article will explore the unique elements that make Super Mario Bros. Wonder stand out, from its innovative gameplay to its balance of challenge and accessibility.

A Departure from Tradition

Super Mario Bros. Wonder breathes new life into a beloved franchise that has spanned decades. What sets this game apart is its willingness to take risks and challenge conventions. It is the first traditional 2D sidescroller starring Mario in over a decade, and it arrived with immense anticipation, buoyed by the recent animated film featuring notable actors such as Chris Pratt and Jack Black. This, combined with the introduction of a new voice actor for Mario, created a level of expectation rarely seen in the world of video games.

Wonder Flowers – A Stroke of Creativity

The standout feature of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the introduction of Wonder Flowers, hidden power-ups that introduce wild and unexpected changes to the gameplay. These changes go beyond the traditional power-ups found in Mario games, as they can alter not just Mario’s abilities but the very nature of the game itself.

Triggering a Wonder Flower can lead to a cascade of surprising alterations. Pipes may slither like snakes, transforming the world into a water-filled playground. Mario himself may undergo radical changes, morphing into a towering monstrosity, or even shifting the game’s perspective from 2D to top-down. The result is a dynamic and unpredictable gameplay experience that harks back to the awe and surprise players felt in the early days of the franchise.

Fresh Enemies and Power-Ups

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Nintendo embraces innovation by introducing a slew of new enemies and power-ups. While classics like the Fire Flower and Koopas make their return, players are constantly encountering new, unfamiliar foes that challenge their skills and demand quick adaptation.

The introduction of power-ups like the Drill Helmet and Bubble Flower further diversifies the gameplay. These items not only expand Mario’s abilities but also transform the way players navigate levels and confront enemies. The end result is a Mario game that feels consistently fresh and inventive.

Balancing Accessibility and Challenge

One of the common concerns raised about Super Mario Bros. Wonder is its perceived lack of difficulty. Many players believe that it falls short of the series’ reputation for providing challenging experiences. However, the game’s approach to difficulty is a conscious choice.

Nintendo has made an effort to cater to a broad audience, which includes players of all skill levels. While seasoned platforming veterans might find the game relatively easy, it allows less experienced gamers to enjoy the classic Mario platforming without the frustration of hair-pulling, precision-based gameplay. Furthermore, the badge system in the game provides an avenue for players to tailor their experience, allowing them to increase the challenge or make the game more accessible based on their preferences.

A Feel-Good Adventure

Super Mario Bros. Wonder may not revolutionize the narrative aspect of Mario games, but it excels in delivering an experience that embodies the core essence of the franchise. It is a testament to the enduring appeal of Mario games—they are designed to make players smile, stimulate their creativity, and, above all, feel good.

The game’s boundless creativity, whimsy, and surprising moments consistently evoke smiles from players. It encapsulates the sense of wonder that has been missing from many 2D Mario titles for a long time. While it may not have cured any real-world ailments, it offers a potent dose of joy and positivity, reminiscent of childhood wonder.

In conclusion, Super Mario Bros. Wonder stands as a testament to Nintendo’s ability to rejuvenate a classic franchise while staying true to its roots. It exemplifies the fun and creativity that Mario games have delivered for generations and provides a refreshing take on a beloved character’s adventures.

By embracing risk, introducing innovative gameplay elements, and striking a balance between accessibility and challenge, Super Mario Bros. Wonder ensures that Mario’s adventures remain as delightful and engaging as ever.

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