Football Manager 2024 Mobile will be an exclusive for Netflix members

Football Manager 2024 is set to make its debut on November 6, 2023, marking the 20th release in the beloved gaming series. Developed by Sports Interactive and published by SEGA, this edition of the game brings several exciting developments to the world of football management simulation.

Here’s what fans can expect from Football Manager 2024:

  • Japanese Debut: This edition marks the first official release of the Football Manager series in Japan, expanding its global reach.
  • Netflix Partnership: Football Manager 2024 Mobile will find its exclusive home on Netflix, allowing subscribers to enjoy the game on the popular streaming platform.
  • Career Transfers: The game introduces a groundbreaking feature that allows players to transfer their careers from Football Manager 2023, FM23 Console, and FM23 Touch, enabling continuity and progression in the virtual football world.
  • Roadmap Preview: In the announcement trailer, SEGA and Sports Interactive provided a roadmap highlighting upcoming feature drops and release dates. These updates include enhancements to the PC/Mac version, such as a Set Pieces refresh, smarter transfers, and financial improvements. Additional details will be unveiled throughout September.
  • Football Manager 2024 Console: The game will be available on both Xbox and PlayStation 5, making it accessible to console players. It will also return to Xbox Game Pass on both PC and console. Detailed information about FM24 Console’s new additions will be revealed in late October.
  • Football Manager 2024 Touch: This version will return to Nintendo Switch on November 6, delivering the football management experience to Nintendo enthusiasts. Further platform details and feature information will be disclosed in early November.
  • Early Access: Players who pre-purchase FM24 for PC, Mac, Xbox, or PlayStation 5 from approved digital retailers will receive a 10% discount. Early Access will be available for PC and Mac players two weeks ahead of the official release date, allowing them to start their managerial careers early and continue their progress when the game officially launches.
  • Continuation of Careers: Gamers can transfer their careers from all versions of Football Manager 2023, FM23 Console, and FM23 Touch, ensuring a seamless transition and preserving their managerial legacy.

Football Manager 2024 promises to be a comprehensive and immersive experience for fans of the series. With new features, expanded accessibility, and a commitment to delivering the essence of football management, it’s poised to be a must-play title for enthusiasts of the beautiful game.

Stay tuned for more updates on the features and gameplay as Football Manager 2024 approaches its highly anticipated release date.

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