How to Grow Muscle Safely

Muscle building can take some effort. There are no shortcuts. Fortunately, almost everyone can build muscles. You just need to stress and break them down to trigger your body to rebuild stronger and bigger muscles in a physiological process called hypertrophy. But growing muscles is not all about that. A proper diet is a must, too. 

So if you don’t know where to start on your muscle-growing journey, below are some tips to help you.

Get Specific

When building muscles, it would be best to target a specific muscle group in your training. So target your preferred muscle group when you do your multi-joint exercises, and you’ll begin to lift heavier objects.

For example, if your goal is to increase your biceps, get comfortable with exercises like bicep curls to load those muscles directly. It would also help to do exercises that get help from large muscle groups while still targeting your biceps, like the dumbbell row. 

But if this is all confusing to you, it would be best to visit websites like Bulk Supplement Direct or consult a strength coach or physical therapist to have a guide on your exercise.

Eat Protein  

To grow your muscles safely and effectively, you’ll need proper nutrition. Muscle hypertrophy works when your cells regenerate muscle fibers, which means an adequate amount of protein from your food intake. If you cannot provide your muscles with enough protein, your body will have difficulty rebuilding muscle fibers.

Best protein sources include lean beef, chicken, eggs, soybeans, and Greek yogurt. And while you’re focusing on your diet,  drink plenty of water, too. An adequate level of hydration is also essential.


People need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Your cells enter the rejuvenation and repair phase when you sleep. If you don’t have adequate sleep, damaged tissues cannot effectively repair themselves, which leads to poor gains and injury. So it’s essential to have the right amount of sleep to make the hypertrophy process more effective.

Don’t Settle

As you keep on training, remember to increase your numbers constantly. If muscle gain and strength are your ultimate goal, your training regimen has to grow along with you. You’ll need to frequently assess your stress and plan your exercise progression to have continuous gains.

If you just lift the same amount of weights, the process of damage and repair required for muscle building will not trigger. But if you lift something too much that your strength cannot handle at the moment, you will do more damage than what you intended, which could lead to possible injury. So progression has to be gradual.


Whether you lift your arms and legs or work on your core, coordinate your exercise with your breathing to provide oxygen to your muscles and heart. It ensures you won’t spike your blood pressure while performing such challenging tasks.

A good way to have a stable base is to perform abdominal bracing. To do this breathing exercise, you’ll begin by inhaling. Then, as you exhale, slowly draw your belly in to create a sturdy trunk. When you exhale, perform your heavy lifting.

Listen to Your Body

Don’t just follow a training plan without considering your body’s response. Yes, building muscles is challenging, but it should not cause pain. Your training plan will vary depending on your overall health, age, and goals. So ensure your body will not go over the limit.


Almost everyone wants to grow muscles. Besides making you strong, it also makes you attractive and interesting by letting people know you live an active lifestyle. But it’s going to take a lot of time and hard work. So if your goals are to grow your muscles, following the tips above should help.

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