Important Things To Know If You Are New To Portable Silent Nebulizer

Nebulizer is a common word in the world of asthmatic people. This device has emerged as a life savior for people suffering from respiratory ailments. If the doctor has recently recommended you to use a nebulizer, you must be having a lot of questions in your mind related to this device.

So, before you go out there to purchase a new portable silent nebulizer, it’s better that you clear your doubts (if any). In this post, you will find a few important things that one must know if they are new to nebulizers. Let’s begin

About portable silent nebulizer

In this segment, we will cover what a rechargeable portable nebulizer is, its main features and why it is used. A portable nebulizer is a device that transforms the life-saving liquid medication into a mist. The mist is then breathed in through a mask that directly reaches the lungs. Thus, portable nebulizers are a mainstay for Copd and asthma treatments. The biggest advantage of nebulizers is that mist reaches the lungs easier and faster, so it works faster. Also, the portable nebulizer is easy to carry along anywhere and use on the go. 

Working of portable silent nebulizer

The working of a nebulizer depends upon the type you have purchased. There are 3 main types of nebulizers used commonly: vibrating mesh nebulizers, ultrasonic nebulizers, and compressor nebulizers. Compressor nebulizers find power from the compressed air while vibrating mesh nebulizers are powered by vibration and ultrasonic nebulizers work on sound waves to function. Whichever type of nebulizer you are using, the end purpose is the same: converting liquid medication into a mist for easy breathing in to reach the lungs faster. The mist or the aerosolized air is supposed to be breathed in via a mouthpiece or mask that comes along the nebulizer. 

Can it be used while traveling

People with breathing problems or COPD patients would know that such ailments can make traveling difficult. This can be because the presence of unknown triggers that you are exposed to while traveling, can easily lead to an exacerbation. But, portable silent nebulizers have made it easy for COPD or asthma patients to travel anywhere. As the name suggests, the nebulizer is portable, which means it can be carried along anywhere with ease. The size is compact enough to put in a bag or carry on the seat. Also, portable nebulizers work on batteries, not electricity which means no electricity is required for the treatment. Switch it on when required even while traveling. It is the most rapid means of medication delivery and the machine works silently without disturbing other passengers. 

Usage instructions

Every nebulizer comes with a little manual that explains its usage and cleaning instructions. Generally, it is important to clean a nebulizer after every use. You need to disinfect the mouthpiece and let it dry before packing it up to store. 

This information must have helped you build a clear picture of a portable silent nebulizer. 

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