Northshore Clinical Has Helped Hundreds of Thousands Test For COVID

Millions of people all across the United States have needed regular screening for COVID-19, and the demand for these screenings has not slowed down. Among other side effects, this is a disease that can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. To be tested for COVID, you need to have a blood test sent to a lab. Northshore Clinical Labs has been helping people test for COVID. In 2022, the company plans to continue to millions of people with this type of test.

Testing for COVID is fast and straightforward. Northshore Clinical Labs is a testing facility accredited by the College of American Pathologists. They offer the COVID test states across the nation all the way from Massachusetts to California.

Since last year, millions of people in the United States have been screened for COVID. This is a disease that can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. To be tested for COVID, you need to have a blood test sent to a lab. Northshore Clinical Labs has been helping people test for COVID since 2020, and with new variants looming quite regularly, they do not plan to slow down their operation anytime soon through the new year.

COVID-19 Molecular & Antibody Testing

Several years ago, COVID was a deadly virus sweeping across the country. The COVID virus often leads to death, but some people have survived the virus. Now the COVID virus is being treated with a vaccine. Northshore Clinical has helped hundreds of thousands of patients test for this virus through their molecular and antibody testing kits.

With these newfound viruses attacking the human body, it is essential to get tested for any illness that you have symptoms of. You can go to Northshore Clinical Lab’s website and check out their products and services. Through their easy-to-use kits, this company has helped thousands of patients get tested for a plethora of diseases and viruses through the years. These kits are easy to use, and they can help you get tested without taking up a lot of time.

Northshore Clinical Labs is Testing More Than 20,000 For COVID Every Day

Northshore Labs can test more than 20,000 people using their ‘multiplexed’ systems every single day, and they are doing just that. The complex processes they contain allow the lab technicians to manipulate samples from human swabs, and then four reactions can be performed simultaneously from one sample.

Their trained medical screeners administer tens of thousands of screening tests on residents in nursing homes, colleges, schools, corporations, churches, and summer camps across the nation every year. These tests are essential to providing a healthy and safe environment for the elderly and everyone else. They also yield some of the fastest results on the market, allowing people that take the tests to go back to their regular routines once confirming a negative result.

Additionally, thousands of doses of vaccines have been administered by Northshore Clinical Labs at several locations across Illinois. The facilities have a state-of-the-art information system and an efficient communication system that allows for rapid transmission of results to clients and physicians to provide the greatest amount of care possible.

The labs maintain an extensive list of routine and esoteric clinical diagnostic tests using the latest equipment. At many of their locations, they also offer a variety of medical testing that can be conducted conveniently from home. Hematology, infectious disease, and toxicology tests are just a few of their available blood-based tests. Phlebotomy is also available for those who prefer to visit an in-home draw station to get their blood drawn. These were the tests that formed the basis of Northshore Clinical Labs business and daily operations prior to the need for COVID-19 testing.

Northshore Clinical Labs, led by CEO Omar Hussain, raised over $25,000 for Shower Up in November alone

Northshore Clinical Labs, led by CEO Omar Hussain, raised over $25,000 for Shower Up in November 2017. CEO Omar Hussain said, “At Northshore, we’re proud to give back to the communities in which we work, and the ones that we grew up in. Chicago is my home and the city that made me and motivates me. I’m glad to announce that we raised just a little over $25,000 in November of this year alone, which will go to Shower Up, a non-profit that helps the homeless gain access to showers and hygiene products. We were able to help thousands of people across the state, and it was all a humbling way to help our community. Our team is excited to continue raising funds for the organization so we can start to help those in need in every state.”

Extended Holiday Hours (24/7)

Northshore locations have been open 24 hours since the week of Thanksgiving. With Christmas and the New Year approaching, people who want to get tested for COVID should take the opportunity to get tested when the clinical lab locations are staying open 24/7.

By doing so, people who are worried about how late they can get tested without feeling rushed and stressed can relax, knowing they can get tested regardless of the time of day.

Not many people get time to spare during the busy holiday seasons, but it is also a time when COVID infection rates spike. Northshore understands how difficult it is to find time during the week to get to one of their locations.

As a result, they have extended their operating hours to be open 24/7 since the week of Thanksgiving. This way, clients have time to go and get the tests they need and get back to their busy lives.

“To support the increasing positivity rates in local communities, as well as supporting testing during the emergence of the Omicron variant. In doing so, we’re expanding hours at our clinics and fighting against outbreaks that our clients are experiencing with more frequent testing at their locations. Those locations can range from airports to private businesses. We’re going to provide testing 24/7 for as long as we need to.” says Gaurav Mohindra, Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Northshore Clinical Labs.

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