A Buying Guide for Baby Cots: 5 Most Important Features

Babies spend up to 3 years of their life in a cot, and choosing it is more difficult than many parents think. Whether you need the first bed for your bundle of joy or replacement for a cradle, this is a big decision. Aside from the aesthetics, you must consider functionality and safety when being a parent

The Dragons of Walton Street – luxury baby cots beds store has plenty of unique designs. You also need to find the perfect space to eliminate any choking and strangulation hazards. Follow these tips to make sure your money is well-spent and the furniture is both safe and attractive. 

1. Safety Rails

Rails prevent babies from moving or opening the sides of their beds. Cots with rails are the most traditional type. Drop rails will help you avoid back pain, as a locking system will lower the rail on one side to provide easier access to your baby. You will not have to bend down so low.

2. Convertible Cots

Convertible beds are practical as they accommodate growth. They are suitable for babies and toddlers alike thanks to adjustable features. Their safety rails can also change the size to prevent falling while also giving children some independence.

3. Choosing the Right Material

Models with fixed safety rails are usually made of wood, such as oak, beech, ash, pine, or maple. Make sure the material was not treated with chemicals or dangerous substances, and the paint is water-based.

Wooden cots may have a plastic coating around the edges. Look for a model coated with natural allergen-free wax. This is preferable for environmental reasons and to protect the health of your kid.

4. Comfortable Mattress

Mattresses for newborns are usually purchased separately. Choose a firm mattress to prevent suffocation. In terms of material, organic cotton is the best. Make sure the mattress is exactly the same size as the cot, so there are no gaps around the edges. Otherwise, your baby can get their limbs stuck around the sides. Note that foam mattresses lose their shape faster than models with springs. 

5. Style Matters

Planning the nursery takes months. After all this work, you do not want to put an old-fashioned, dull-looking cot there. Think about your style carefully. While it is a matter of personal taste, the cot must suit the rest of the interior, so it does not look out of place.

To Sum up

Parents shopping for a baby cot should pay attention to safety, functionality, and aesthetics. All of these things matter, and you must never sacrifice safety for the sake of interior design. Most importantly, choose natural wood with a safe coating, opt for drop rails and get a comfortable mattress with an organic cover.

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