Quick and Simple Ways to Fix Leaky Tapware

Water is essential for every living being, so it is your duty to prevent water leakage. To help you do that, this list contains simple remedies to help you fix leaky tapware.

1. Buy the replacement parts

Every tap has different-sized washers. Check which size fits yours and buy accordingly. Nowadays, some modern taps might have new kinds of seals.

If yours is one of them, you have to contact the company to get the specifications of those seals and information on where you can purchase the replacement parts.

2. Switch off the water supply

There is an isolation valve on the pipe, which is located beneath the tap. Turn it on using a screwdriver.

In case you can’t find the valve, search for the nearest stopcock. Then, switch it off to cut the water supply. Now you can dismantle the whole tap to fix the problem.

There are three kinds of tapware – normal taps, mixer taps, and washerless taps. Each of them has different methods to fix leaks. Let’s start with the normal taps.

Remedies for Normal taps

First, start by removing the handle and cover of the tap. After this, you must remove the entire tap from the fitting by unscrewing the tap’s headgear nut and securing the spout. If you don’t secure it, there is a high chance this will end up damaging the pipework or cracking the sink.

Ask another person to hold the spout, as this will make your job a little easy. Don’t forget to cover it with a gentle cloth to safeguard the nut from scratches.

If you face difficulty loosening the nut, apply penetrating oil. Next, remove the existing washer from the pin at the bottom.

Check for the damaged area of the washer. If you don’t find one, the valve may have a problem. To fix this, you will need special tools. In such cases, it’s best to contact a plumber or plumbing agency like Reece Plumbing

Now, if the problem is with the washer, remove it and fit the new one. In case you feel it’s too tight, use petroleum jelly on the washer. Then push it down using the spanner. Next, replace the tap headgear and tighten the nut. Finally, turn the water supply to see if the tap is working properly.

Remedies for Mixer taps

Although you will find multiple designs for these taps, the common one includes two taps attached to one central spout. First, you have to find the leaky tap.

There is a very easy way to spot the faulty one. Just turn off the supply and check which tap is still dripping water. After spotting it, purchase the replacement part first. This kind of tap has a separate o-ring seal at the bottom of the spout.

Follow the same steps as the normal one to dismantle it and fit the new part.

Remedies for Washerless taps

This type of tap has ball valves or ceramic discs instead of washers. You will find mixer functions and pivoting handles here. The first one controls the water flow, and the second one is in charge of the water temperature.

Washerless taps have multiple seals. Check the manual to dismantle it properly and replace the damaged part. For this kind of tap, it is best to contact the plumber. Otherwise, you might end up doing extra damage to the tap.

You should keep two things in mind while fixing the tap. Let’s see them.

● Before you start fixing the tap, ensure that the drain is plugged in, as the screws might go down in the drain.

● Always take the damaged part to the store to get the right replacement.

Over to you…

Now that you know all the steps, you can begin fixing it. But remember, in Australia, working on any system directly attached to the main water supply is illegal. So the major intention of this rule is to prevent contamination.

So, make sure to contact the authority before doing anything.

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