The World’s Biggest Bingo Wins Revealed

There are many forms of gaming on and offline that can yield significant sums of money. Whether it’s progressive slots, sports wagers, or even state lotteries, the prospect of landing an unexpected jackpot while enjoying the gameplay experience is what keeps people coming back for more. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that bingo is another form of gaming that’s capable of paying out six and even seven-figure wins to unsuspecting players.

The magnitude of these bingo jackpots is not something bingo players encounter every day. Just like online slots, these bingo jackpots are reserved for the biggest bingo games that often link up with multiple operators or bingo hall establishments. On a day-to-day basis, there are bingo games to play online that will often carry five-figure jackpots on some of the franchise-inspired games like Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to be A Millionaire.

Below, we shine a spotlight on four lucky winners of bingo jackpot games played either online or offline.

Lisa Potter ($1.63m)

The biggest bingo jackpot we are aware of was won by a British woman called Lisa Potter of Oxfordshire, England. Potter won more than $1.6m in an online bingo game in 2012. She was later interviewed by the local media, when Potter said that this life-changing bingo jackpot would ensure she would “never have to worry again” financially.

Ironically, Potter mentioned a funny story about a broken mirror on a wall in her home just weeks before her bingo win. Having consigned herself to seven years of bad luck, Potter could not have imagined winning a seven-figure sum from her laptop just days later.

Soraya Lowell ($1.5m)

The second-biggest bingo jackpot win was reserved for Scottish cleaner Soraya Lowell. Lowell was playing at her favorite land-based bingo hall with friends in Lanarkshire when her life changed in an instant thanks to the drawing of a bingo ball. Sat at the table with her friend, Agnes, Soraya discovered that she’d landed the jackpot.

Historically, Soraya and Agnes had shared their bingo wins together. Despite her new seven-figure win, Soraya insisted that she would be sharing some of her jackpot with Agnes. The mother-of-four and cleaner told the British media that she didn’t “intend to give up [her] job”.

Anita Campbell ($1.43m)

Anita Campbell must be one of the luckiest bingo players on the planet. That’s because the County Durham-based Brit won not just one but two bingo jackpots within the space of a fortnight. That’s right, Campbell won two online bingo jackpots worth over $700,000 apiece, which will set the minds of statisticians running wild attempting to calculate the probability of that happening.

Campbell was generous with her winnings, buying her father a new home and even paying for her daughter’s IVF treatment.

Christine Bradfield ($1.38m)

Last but by no means least, Christine Bradfield’s $1.38m bingo jackpot win came after playing 11 years at her favorite bingo hall. Bradfield, who ventured to her local bingo hall every week with her sister-in-law, entered the National Bingo Game and landed the game’s inaugural Platinum Jackpot worth $1.38m.

Bradfield said to the British media afterwards that she’d only spent $20 on her bingo tickets that evening, which is some return on investment.

It’s only a matter of time before more bingo players join this illustrious list of bingo jackpot winners, with on and offline prize pools still on the rise. But it’s also important to remember that there are so many genres, formats, and themes to try and the experience of the gameplay is another appealing aspect. 

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