Where can I find free casting calls?

Many people who want to get on TV ask themselves the question of how to get to the casting in movies, commercials, and on TV.

Here we will dwell on the issue of finding Casting Calls in more detail.

How to get to the casting in movies, commercials, and on TV?

Almost all castings take place in big cities, so if you live in a small one, then the first thing you need to do is move to the capital. No one conducts castings remotely via Skype.

If you are interested in the main roles in the cinema, then you will first need to graduate from a special university. The actor is a profession. Therefore, if you really have talent, then enter a university, and finish it.

However, whether you have a diploma or not, to get to the casting, you will need to register with acting agencies:

  • There you will need to fill out a questionnaire and leave your photos in digital and printed format.
  • There are also some agencies where you can go through online registration. For example, on allcasting.com – Casting Calls are presented. This format is convenient for both the agency itself and the actors since you do not need to spend a lot of time on registration and searching for calls.
  • In addition to agencies, there are sites and social networks of actors, where you should also upload your profile and photo. Your task is to create a PR for yourself.

Try to take this thing seriously and distribute your profile on the Internet on specialized sites as much as possible. The more your profiles will be on different sites, the better. By uploading your profiles to all acting databases, you increase your chances to the maximum.

Then, you will need to go daily to the casting portals, where they publish castings and view new offers.

In addition to the actors’ bases, the casting portals have a bulletin board where casting directors, agents, acting agencies, and directors publish up-to-date announcements about castings for movies, series, and advertising.

Look through all the resources and you will definitely find the option suitable for you.

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