Classic and modern dice games to try at the casino

Dice are the oldest gaming instruments known to man. The title of gambling historian David Schwartz’s book Roll the Bones refers to dice crafted from animal bones and believed to be more than 5,000 years old that have been found by archeologists in present-day Iraq. Fast forward to 2022, and dice games are still popular, even if they are pushed slightly into the background by slots and card games. 

Land based venues will typically offer craps or sic bo, while online, there are even more choices. Let’s have a roll of the bones ourselves and take a look at some of the different dice games on offer. 


The best-known dice game, at least in the US, the craps tableis always a lively place. To play craps can be a real money spinner online, too, and the top craps sites to play for real money offer a genuine chance to beat the house, as craps has a lower house edge than most games.

Don’t be put off by the apparent complexity of the table, most of it is dedicated to side are better ignored. Simply focus on pass line or don’t pass line and the game couldn’t be easier. 

Sic bo

If craps is the most popular card game in the west, it has some serious competition from the east in the form of sic bo. This game is a massive hit in the gambling halls of Macau and is becoming equally popular at online sites worldwide. 

Here, three dice are rolled, and you can place numerous different types of bets, either on the totals or on pairs or trebles. You can also put your money on on patterns such as runs. 

Banka Francesca

This fast-moving dice games has its origins in the of Portugal and is now starting to appear at more and more live games online. There are three dice and three possible options. You can go big, meaning the sum of all three dice is 14, 15 or 16. Small means they add up to 4, 5 or 6. Aces means three ones. 

The dealer will rapidly cast and re-cast the dice until one of these results comes up. Big and small pay even money, while correctly calling aces nets you a 61-1 return.


Today, klondike is better known as a card game, but back in the frontier days, it was a simple dice game. The rules couldn’t be more straightforward. Each player rolls, and the highest score wins. Today, klondike is a game you play against the dealer

One counts as an ace, so is the highest-ranking score. Otherwise, numbers on the dice score at face value. The dealer rolls first, setting a benchmark score. To win you have to beat it. Matching the dealer’s score is not good enough and will lose. 

And many more

These are just some of the dice games you can try online. These days, new ways to roll the bones are being invented all the time, so be adventurous and give them a try. 

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