Online slots are about to replace traditional slot machines for good

The arcade sound of spinning reels, ear-splitting screams of people and tears of joy; it’s safe to say that entering a casino is much more than just playing games. It’s an experience. And yet, despite this unreplicable atmosphere, casinos are about to change forever.

Once the establishment’s cash cow, slot machines have become a millstone around the casino’s neck. Too big, too mundane, and a lack of social interaction, traditional slots struggle to prove their right to exist. There is a clear consensus among casino managers that the slot section in casinos needs an overhaul as it doesn’t meet the requirements of players any longer. How could this happen? 

Thousands of online slots available at your fingertips 

Slot players aren’t exactly the social animals of a casino’s clientele. Mostly sticking to themselves, this type of customer sneaks in, grabs a drink, spins the reels, and disappears. Quietly. No screaming, little tears of joys at the most, and ideally, no talking to other players. 

In the past, casinos were the only place where you could get your weekly dose of anonymous reel-spinning unless you wanted to hit your local bar around the corner. There, though, you might run into your neighbour or co-worker; not very anonymous after all. 

But what if you could spin the reels from the comfort of your couch? What if you hadn’t only access to a small selection but thousands of slots. What if the games even matched your interest, e.g. feature symbols of your favourite movie or travel destination? It would be like a jackpot before you even hit it, right?

Online slots offer exactly what the typical player is looking for; a comfortable way of playing, a wide variety of games, and still the chance to win big. Casino software developers have spotted this opportunity more than a decade ago and have been releasing new titles year after year. If you check websites like Online Slots Pilot, you will notice that there are thousands of games available right now and counting. For every slot machine on a traditional casino’s floor, the Internet provides a dozen alternatives. It’s a battle that cannot be won. 

Roulette and other table games won’t go anywhere

Naturally, one might ask whether the same will happen to other casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, or Craps. The answer is plain and simple: No. 

Other than slots, most table games are rather hard to replicate in the virtual world. Think Roulette; besides betting on numbers, the game’s social element is a major part of the experience. Sharing the table with like-minded people, screaming louder for your number than the person next to you, celebrating with your peers when they win and comforting them when they lose. Roulette is more than just a casino game; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Above all, it’s something almost impossible to recreate in the online world.

One might argue that this is all going to change with the metaverse, a term recently made popular by Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta, formerly known as Facebook. After all, Meta seems to have a particular interest to bring gaming into the virtual world. The company’s recent acquisitions include gaming-related companies such as Unit 2 Games, Bigbox VR, and Downpour Interactive. However, VR has been on the radar of many for almost a decade, but it yet has to prove its viability.

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