The 44 Most Privileged Nations in the World

There is an old saying that some are born with luck while some acquire luck through privilege. How important is luck for our betterment? Is it true that luck and privilege are the two sides of the same coin?

Up until a few years ago, it was just a verbal statement, and people believed who was the most privileged or luckiest of them all. However, regarding the global ranking of the most privileged people, word of mouth cannot be the decision-maker.

How do you determine who is the luckiest of all?

So, who are these lucky people, and where are they from? With over 200 countries, determining the exact figure was difficult, which is why a long study was conducted based on as many as 19 different variables.

The ABCD agency collected a considerable amount of data based on these 19 factors from numerous nations worldwide. To make it easier, the 19 crucial factors were branched out under four main categories.

Finally, after months of struggle and hard work from hundreds of worldwide analysts, the final data was named the 44 luckiest nations of the world for the year 2021.

The top 5 nations in each category for the privileged nations of the world

Data collected included crucial information like health, passport strength, educational opportunities, gender equality and freedom of voice. The broader classification included –

  • Career Opportunities – Norway ranked with an overall score of 100, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.
  • Liberty and Life Satisfaction – Norway once again topped the ranking with a total score of 100. It was followed by Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.
  • Safety and Health – There is no surprise that Canada led the ranking as it has been consistently used as a role model for the best healthcare system. Italy and Norway held the 4th and 5th ranking with scores of 97.74 and 97.34. Canada’s total score was followed very closely by another new entry, France with 98.64 and Spain with 98.27.
  • Finance – There is no doubt that Switzerland would lead the ranking with a 100 score, followed by Australia at a remarkably lower score of 73.41. The following three top positions were held by Iceland, the United States, and Luxembourg, respectively.

44 most privileged countries of the world

Let us discuss some of the luckiest countries around the World. To be more specific, let us see 44 nations of the world have the luckiest people.

  1. Austria
  2. Australia
  3. Belgium
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Canada
  6. Chile
  7. Colombia
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Denmark
  10. Estonia
  11. Finland
  12. France 
  13. Germany
  14. Greece
  15. Hungary
  16. Iceland
  17. Ireland
  18. Israel
  19. Italy
  20. Japan
  21. Korea
  22. Latvia
  23. Lithuania
  24. Luxembourg
  25. Mexico
  26. The Netherlands
  27. Norway
  28. Poland
  29. Portugal
  30. Slovakia
  31. Slovenia
  32. Spain
  33. Sweden
  34. Switzerland
  35. Turkey
  36. United Kingdom
  37. United States
  38. Argentina
  39. Brazil
  40. Bulgaria
  41. India
  42. Russia
  43. Singapore
  44. South Africa

We have over 200 countries. All these countries have something unique and desirable to offer. Hence they are considered the home to the most privileged orluckiest people. Their socio-economic models are often discussed worldwide because that’s the primary reason these nations offer better human living standards than most. There is no use if you are rich financially, yet you have no gender equality or infrastructure to support your citizens.

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