The New ‘Wordle’-Inspired Game For Music Lovers, ‘Heardle’

Have you Heardle? There’s a new fun game available that’s a perfect fit for music lovers. Heardle is a free online music guessing game that is heaps of fun to play alone or with a couple of friends. Having tried several other Wordle-inspired games like Mathle, Worldle, Reversle, and Squabble, we can assure you that Heardle is the best spin-off to date!

How to Play Heardle

Heardle is easy and fun. Just like Wordle, players can only guess one Heardle a day. The app plays the intro of the “track of the day,” taken from a list of popularly streamed songs, usually from the last 10 years so everyone has a decent chance to guess it right. Then it offers you a list of artists and titles from which you need to select the correct answer. If you skip or answered incorrectly, you’ll get to hear a bit more of the intro. 

Heardle – What Is It?

The concept is simple. Heardle lets players guess a song by listening to its intro. The game was developed by Omakase, who describe their creation as “a respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist.”

“A second company, HookTheory, created a similar app called Chordle that offers a variation on this game.” AFTER the text – “The concept is simple. Heardle lets players guess a song by listening to its intro. The game was developed by Omakase, who describe their creation as “a respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist.”

Heardle is a wordplay on “Wordle,” a popular word puzzle game, and “heard,” indicating that the game is centered around listening to music. The game has gained popularity for its simplicity and entertainment value, making it a fun way to test your knowledge of music and challenge your friends.

Here’s how Heardle works:

  1. Song Intro: In Heardle, you are presented with the opening few seconds of a song, typically an instrumental or the initial lyrics of the song. The length of this intro can vary but is usually quite short.
  2. Guess the Song: Your task is to guess the name of the song based solely on this brief musical or lyrical snippet. To make your guess, you type in the song title into the text box provided.
  3. Feedback: After submitting your guess, the game provides feedback. If your guess is correct, you move on to the next round. If it’s incorrect, you receive some information to help you refine your guess. This could include the number of letters in the correct answer, whether the letters you guessed are in the right place, or even a hint about the artist or year of the song.
  4. Win or Continue: The game continues until you either guess the song correctly or exhaust your allowed attempts. Like Wordle, you’re typically allowed six tries.

Bragging Rights

The idea is to answer in as few tries as possible, with a maximum of six guesses. Feel like cheating? There’s a nifty little search bar at the bottom that lets you search for the song or artist. Got a high score you’d like to brag about? Heardle lets you share your score on Twitter with a neat little visual that’s reminiscent of Wordle’s colored blocks but with a speaker emoji.

Highly Addictive

Though you only get one Heardle a day, the creators made sure you’d be back the next day with stats that follow up on your progress. You get metrics like number of games played, number of games won, and win rate.

The sharing option has made Heardle a bit of a trend on Twitter these days, testing users’ music knowledge. Even influencers and celebrities are joining in on the fun with Spotify’s Twitter account and Quest Love (the drummer of The Roots, the band on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show) sharing their scores and comments. Obviously, none of the featured music tracks are royalty free music. We just guessed Return of the Mack by Mark Morrisson and we’re pretty sure Omakase didn’t license that song for their free (and ad-free) game. So, we warmly recommend you try the game now, before anyone decides to take it down. Go to if you want to get straight to it.

With so many iterations of the viral game Wordle, there’s literally a game for every day of the week with the same simple but addictive concept. The original remains our favorite for its challenge. Heardle is a close second because we so happen to be huge music enthusiasts. Worldle has you guess places in the world based on map fragments and is our third favorite Wordle-inspired game.

Heardle has captured the attention of music lovers, trivia enthusiasts, and puzzle gamers alike. It’s an excellent way to test your knowledge of different music genres and eras, and it’s also a fun social activity to engage with friends and family. Players often challenge each other to see who can guess the song in the fewest attempts.

The popularity of Heardle has grown on social media platforms, with players sharing their experiences and challenging others to solve the musical puzzles. It’s a great way to discover new songs and revisit old favorites while testing your musical memory and knowledge.

What’s your favorite?

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