Top 3 Apps to Help You Quit Gambling Online

Online gambling addiction can show in several forms, but the common one is wasting precious hours and money on web-based casinos rather than a family car. Compulsive gamblers often refuse to admit that they have problems that ruin their lives and their families.

One of the ways to support such gamblers is to download special apps, which are easy and effective options to help them stop

Many factors can contribute to a problem, but the frequent ones are the desire to experience thrills and the urge to win a huge amount of money. There are many online gaming platforms – FreshBet, for example – that know how to deliver the sensation of thrill and excitement to their customers. If a person has self-control and plays responsibly – good for them. If not, they can develop a complex health issue that requires counselling, treatment, and support. 

Official Stats on Problem Gamblers

The British watchdog Commission’s quarterly telephone survey was conducted by Yonder Consulting in June 2021, September 2021, December 2021, and March 2022. This recent survey showed that problem continues its long-term increase in the UK. Actually, with 4,018 adults aged 16 and over interviewed via telephone for the year to March 2022, participation in any activity has considerably grown. Several factors have pushed the rise of problem online, but a significant one is the COVID-19 lockdown period. In fact, the severity of addiction is in March 2020, with an increase of 47%. 

As the lockdown affected the population from different perspectives, one of these significant impacts is the addictive behaviours among individuals because online could offer an escape during difficult moments of mental health. Concerning the in-person participation rate, it has shown a growth of 26%, mainly in sports betting, fruit and slot machines, horseracing, bingo, and lotteries. Nonetheless, in the year to March 2022, the participation rate in activities was 26%, which remains stable and below pre-pandemic. Moreover, the general issue rate is 0.2%, with a moderate risk rate of 0.9% and a low risk of 1.4%.

Top 3 Apps to Help you Fight Addiction Small Intro

Those who are affected by addiction online can, fortunately, stop their bad habits with the help of innovative addiction behaviour management apps. Is ruining your life or your family members? Below are listed some of the best apps that are designed to help you to beat addiction.


When it comes to the renowned UK-based online services developed to help prevent addiction, Gamban is probably among them, judging from a number of positive Gamban reviews. This app which can be installed on both computer and mobile devices, was created by the UK charity GambleAware. 

This means that Gamban is designed for PCs, Laptops, Android, and iOS devices that can block all online sites and apps used anywhere in the world. To use this self-exclusion supplier, once the app is installed, you can immediately block your chosen websites. The blocking software is reputed to provide secure and more reliable features for those who want to stay away from online.


The self-exclusion scheme GamStop is the world’s first app used to help players curb their addiction. This free service has been around since 2018 and has become compulsory in the British industry since March 31, 2020, making it the most used intervention tool. Unfortunately, the non-GamStop casinos still illegally allow players to access their websites, increasing the risk of relapse for vulnerable gamblers. 

To use GamStop, you need to register at the programme or download the app on Apple and Google stores. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be prevented from accessing websites and apps licensed in the UK. This prohibition period can be 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years, depending on your choice. When your chosen period has run out, you can remove your prohibition and can access the online casinos again.


The app BetBlocker was released in 2017 by the company focusing on reviewing and recommending the best online brands called ThePOGG. This simple scheme resembles the majority of the best blocking apps, as they are important options for reducing addiction rates. 

The good news is that BetBlocker can be downloaded or installed on devices that enable web browsing, so every player who feels like experiencing problem is required to use it. Once it is installed, the users can choose the duration that they want to be banned, which can be from 24 hours to 5 years.


With the increase in online several issues associated with this entertaining practice have also shown incredible growth. It is estimated around 400,000 problem gamblers in the UK, which means that tackling -related harms is crucial in this territory. The uncontrollable urge to keep is so hard to stop, as you need assistance, treatment, and support from therapists and counsellors. 

Thankfully, modern technologies can help fight addiction. Three apps are renowned for preventing you from entering online sites, which are available for your iOS or Android device. Take advantage of the best apps like GamStop, Gamban, and BetBlocker to stay away from online gambling.

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