Top 8 Oris Aquis Watches You Must Buy In 2021

Oris may be a new name to you, yet they have been in the watchmaking industry for almost a century. Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, both from Le Locle, created Oris in Hölstein, Switzerland, in 1904. They called the company after a local river. Oris Aquis became the major employer in Hölstein in 1911. As a watch company, their assets are craftsmanship and tradition. They design and manufacture classic, high-quality, and long-lasting watches. Oris creates fantastic diver’s watches that provide a lot of value for the price, and we wholeheartedly recommend purchasing one for yourself.

The Oris Aquis series are excellent genuine diver’s watches. Most Aquis watches function admirably underwater in terms of comfort and technological specifications. The Oris Aquis collection is famous because of its quality and legacy. If you’re having difficulties finding credible information on Oris Aquis, look no further. We are here to assist you, so here is a list of our top 8 Oris Aquis watches you must own. Let’s get this deal done.

  1. Aquis Small Seconds Date

Let’s start with the watch, which you would think is the same as the others. At first glance, you could believe that this Oris Aquis watch is just identical to the other Oris watches. The typical Aquis Date collection features the same face, eye-catching dial style, and date functions, but the Aquis Small Seconds Date watch is out of the norm. This watch is available in two variants. The sunburst blue dial features attached indices and polished hands with white Super-LumiNova, while the black dial has orange Super-LumiNova.

  1. Aquis Date

The Aquis Date is one of the most popular and best-selling models in the Oris Aquis collection. It’s great to see things that are aimed squarely towards connoisseurs seeking smaller watches and watch collectors who like lightweight watches. The Aquis Date is available in several combinations, sizes, and colors, allowing everyone to select what they desire. The blue-dialed Aquis Date, in particular, is a fantastic-looking tool watch, and it is the best-selling Aquis Date watch.

  1. Aquis Big Day Date

The Aquis Big Day Date is not only big, but it also includes a day and date display on the dial. The Aquis Big Day Date is a well-known timepiece in the Oris Aquis line. This legendary diver’s watch is available with a big case, designed to appeal to watch consumers looking for a fashionable, practical, flexible watch that is equally at home on a scuba diving vacation as it is beneath a shirt cuff. It complicates the quickly updating date display and hack-second functional standard Aquis Date model by adding an extra day of the week. Oris made these contemporary models with stainless steel and have a dark bezel and a blue dial.

  1. Aquis Chronograph

The Aquis Chronograph is one of the most recent additions to the collection. The wrist presence of this watch is gigantic. Despite this, it never tugged on your shirt cuffs or appeared to be dragging your forearm. Perhaps it’s the rubber band or the way the curved convex case back nestles nicely into the tiny indentation of the wrist. The Aquis Chronograph is a ceramic unidirectional rotating time bezel. This watch looks not only pleasingly good but also has all the functions you would expect from a professional dive chronograph.

  1. Oris AquisPro Date

The AquisPro Date is a stunning diver watch from the Oris Aquis collection. The brand Oris unveiled the AquisPro Date, its super-Aquis. This watch is Oris’ best-selling watch collection, and this model doubles down on characteristics that place it squarely in the “tool watch” category. Oris designed the AquisPro Date to assist professional divers with saturation dives. The case of this watch is titanium and DLC-coated, and the rubber strap incorporates the Oris Safety Anchor and a mechanism that keeps the watch on the diver’s wrist even if the clasp slides open.

  1. Oris Great Barrier Reef

Oris contributes to the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s efforts to conserve and maintain the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s famous coral reef. This Oris Aquis service is ideal with the Reef Restoration Foundation, with proceeds going to projects that raise awareness about the ocean and actions that aim to preserve the reef system’s beauty. The watch Oris Aquis Great Barrier Reef case is a big broad in steel with an aqua blue dial and a beautiful radial date display, yet the integrated lugs ensure that it fits flat and wears nicely on the wrist.

  1. Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition

Because of global warming happening in our world, Oris’s aim to bring about positive change focuses on the Earth’s sensitive environment, the ocean. One of the affected species because of the pollution is the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark, which is the focus of this limited edition watch. The Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition is part of Oris’ commitment to Bring Change for the Better by cleaning, restoring, and protecting the world’s oceans. This watch has a beautiful gradient shark-skin-effect dial complemented by a two-color ceramic 24-hour GMT bezel.

  1. Oris Regulateur “Der Meistertaucher”

Its name is unique because this watch is as unique as its name. The Oris Regulateur ‘Der Meistertaucher’ retains the Aquis case design in an extremely comfortable 43.5mm case diameter. Oris made this watch’s case with titanium, so people will love this watch because it’s lightweight. You can have this watch in a steel bracelet or on a rubber strap. But if you want a watch that gives you a comfortable feeling, pair it with a rubber strap. The dial is a deep black with polished markers that give off a beautiful, glittery look when light reflects off of them.


If you are looking for a sign to buy an Oris Aquis watch, this is the sign you are looking for. The Oris Aquis is one of the most eye-catching watches available in the market.

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