Best Guest Posting Sites That Accept Sponsored Posts & Contributions

Guest Posting Sites

What are the best, high authority domains that accept sponsored Posts on their website with contributors from freelance writers?

News and lifestyle websites who post regulary, provide a great platform for writers to not only showcase their work but highlight a particular product from a review to an in-depth insight. With high authority websites you can expect alot of traffic too with visitors loggin on from all around the world; so no wonder there are requests for guest posts from freelance contributors to write on a number of leading sites including Huff Post, MarkMeets, Business Insider, Inc, Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed and many more!

MarkMeets Media guest post is a popular option and we’ve had famous tv presenters, food bloggers and hundreds of contributors add valuable contento our suite over the years and hence why due to demand, the categoried our team cover has grown too.

Popular Guest Posting Sites

Finding proven talented writers who can write engaging content and copy are quite rare but the talent is out there. agency side provides a range of B2B services from covering events and interviewing talent on the red carpet, to media training and publicity, commercial filming, live streaming of events to writing press releases, creating a branding kit and accepting writers sponsored posts for link building, Marketing, Business, SEO to help improve brand reach, traffic, sales and improve domain authority of a website.

Some of the most popular guest blogging sites include: HubSpot, Mash-able, Outbrain, Success, Tech Crunch, Inc, MarkMeets, Buzz feed, Medium

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The three below are valuable tips.

  1. Establishing yourself as an industry authority and well-known name.

2. Increasing exposure (traffic) to your website.

3. Increasing the number of backlinks to your website (though this should never be the main focus, as Google frowns on this).

All three of these things are possible with the right type of content on the top blogs.

As a multiple award-winning SEO Agency, MarkMeets have a proven track record of delivering results for clients in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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