Cannabis Industry Marketing: 5 Tips and Strategies


Optimise your Google My Business profile

Ensure third-party listings are up to date

Display your products on your site

Allow customer reviews

Encourage consumers to return

Market your way to success

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Whether you’ve opened up a dispensary on your block or offer bulk cannabis seeds online, selling your product is the ultimate goal. How do you get more customers to make a purchase? Improve your marijuana marketing techniques.

If you’re struggling to get your business up and running or want to get consumers to return, read on. 

We share five essential tips to grow your company. Implement the following strategies to broaden your reach and encourage repeat purchases. 

Optimise your Google My Business profile

Cannabis digital marketing begins here. This free tool for business owners allows you to manage how your brand appears in search results. Many consumers find companies this way, and it’s what they base first impressions on. 

If your Google My Business page lags, potential customers waste no time finding another option. An optimised profile keeps you high in search results, allowing more people to see your brand. 

For example, if you want your mail order dispensary to show up for hash or variations of this keyword, you should start including more “hash” or “order hash online” keywords on your business profile. This will increase your chances to rank for more hash terms.

Business information

Update your business name, address, telephone, and web address. Check business hours are correct and amend for holidays when needed.

The right category

Choosing the right category on Google My Business is crucial to getting your page to appear in the correct search results. If your profile displays to the wrong audience, no one clicks. A dispensary, for example, should save “cannabis store” as their category. 

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Improve the description

You have 750 characters to write a description for your business. Be authentic and describe your brand, story, mission, and origins. Use keywords but don’t stuff. When you use too many, Google may suspend your listing.

Ensure third-party listings are up to date

Wondering how to market your dispensary to a broader audience? Get your business listed on third-party directories and sites. This strategy grows brand awareness as more people view your company’s name—expect more customers as a result. 

Search for pages with high authority and a large following to get the most from your marketing efforts. Ask them to include your brand name, telephone, and website.

Display your products on your site

One of the most vital marijuana marketing strategies is to show what you’re selling. With such a range of options for online shoppers, they want to see what they’re paying for before clicking the checkout button. 

Include images no matter what you sell—cannabis seeds, bongs and pipes, ready-made blunts. There are various areas of a website to use to your advantage and post pictures:

  • Drop-down menus
  • The homepage
  • Product descriptions
  • Your catalogue
  • Special offers
  • Blog posts

To go the extra mile, publish videos of your products. Consumers are more likely to buy when they see an item in use. How-to reels are ideal for demonstrating products to customers and getting them to return to your page when they utilise it at home.

Allow customer reviews

Whether you’re looking to boost dispensary content marketing results or want to provide cannabis gardening tips, encourage consumer reviews. This technique promotes word-of-mouth advertising and helps with search result rankings. 

Most customers read comments from others who’ve already used your product or service to see if it’s worth it. If you’re a new business and are yet to boast raving reviews, use these methods to encourage buyers to leave one:

  • Once someone makes a purchase, send them a follow-up email asking them to leave a comment. 
  • If you have regular customers, ask them in person. When individuals return for your products consistently, you know they like what you offer. Reaching out on a personal level has an excellent effect.
  • Use social media platforms to promote products and ask consumers to leave reviews if they’ve already tried them. 

Encourage consumers to return

You’ve sold numerous products to new buyers, but how do you get them to come back? Forming a group of regular customers is increasingly difficult due to fierce competition. Focus on the three factors below to boost your fan base and stop them from shopping elsewhere.

With a top website design

Optimising your website is a top tip for marketing in the cannabis industry. After finding you in search results, consumers head to your URL. A well-designed, attractive homepage gives the right impression. 

Ensure your site is easy to navigate for shoppers. If a potential customer loads their basket but can’t find the checkout, they’ll go elsewhere. Improve loading times for pages to help buyers purchase easily and quickly.

Include additional sections to your website to boost time spent there and encourage consumers to come back for other reasons. A blog with marijuana growing tips gets customers to return to discover how to use the seeds you sold them.

Through email offers

Due to weed’s legal status, advertising opportunities in the cannabis industry have their limits. Make way for email marketing. This technique is inexpensive and allows you to speak directly to previous buyers. 

When someone purchases from your page, ask them to sign up and include their email address. You can see what they bought and focus your marketing efforts on similar products and services. 

Send emails personally addressed to consumers informing them of new stock. Getting existing customers to click and repurchase products is easier than attracting new ones. 

By saying thank you

Most people appreciate a thank you, no matter the reason. Ensure your page includes a thank you to shoppers after making a purchase. Follow up with an email, text message, or letter through the post to show your appreciation. 

Saying thank you shows customers you value their support and demonstrates your humility. This personalised approach is an excellent way to encourage consumers to return. 

Market your way to success

With the vast amount of business start-ups entering the cannabis industry, now’s the time to make yours stand out. Implement these marijuana marketing strategies to show customers why they should shop with you and encourage them to return. 

Not started your canna business yet? Begin your journey in this innovative industry by picking up some marijuana seeds. With your batch of homegrown weed, branch out into edibles, pure CBD products, or open up a dispensary. The options are endless. 

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