3 Ways To Improve Your Website

Your website is one of the critical parts of your business. It can show off what your company offers; it shares the products you have and information about your morals and knowledge to convince potential customers to buy from you. There are many ways to make a website inviting to your customers, such as imagery, writing, and animations. Still, there are always new ways to improve your website with the online world becoming more advanced. 

Video chat service

Adding Click4Assistance Video Chat will allow your customers to be part of your business and make selling products even more comfortable. Using video calls allows you to show your potential customers how products work through video rather than text, which can sometimes get confusing—visually seeing how your products work will make the product come to life and often will sell itself. If you are looking for new ways to improve your customer service to become more personalized, then video chatting reassures the customer that they are talking to a real person. Seeing your employee’s faces of concern or passion can make your customers trust you. 

Website navigation

If your website is challenging to navigate and find things with ease, it can be very off putting to your customers. It can be very frustrating when you are trying to find information or a specific product if there are no page names or relevant titles. It can be a good idea to write down the page names down first before you make it on your website so you can view it as a whole to ensure it makes it easy for all types of customers. This is an excellent time to complete some trial runs with various target market types to ensure that it is easy for everyone. The main pages which are handy are about contact and product pages so that your customers have the primary information they need plus an easy way to contact you if they require anything. 

Social media

Your website should complement your social media platforms, so ensuring your website is social proof can help massively. Input your social media icons that link to your page at the top of your website so it is easy to find so your customers can follow you for daily updates. You also need to ensure that every photo you upload can be shared to platforms such as Pinterest so customers can share it with their followers that can potentially be free advertising for your business. 

Use a complementary color for your social icons to your background to make them stand out and draw your reader’s attention. You can also use your social platforms to refer customers to your website, so they work both ways. 

Hopefully, with this guide, you will improve your website to benefit your customer’s experience, you, and your business. With a video assistance service, you will notice that your customer experience reviews will improve massively because it will make each call personal to them while showing that you want to give each person the time of day to help them.

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