10 Worst Teen Movie Boyfriends From film Cruel Intentions and Twilight character Edward Cullen

Who was the worst of the teen movie boyfriends? We’ve ranked them and you can vote for the worst.

It’s safe to say that unfortunately many of the teen movies of the 00s and even Netflix movies today don’t show girls the best presentation of what a healthy relationship should look like. From boyfriends who lie, cheat, gas light and write a song called “bitch in a uniform” our teenage years have been full of bad movie boyfriends.

And what a great way to set us up for failure. We spent hours at sleepovers romanticising men who treated their girlfriends appalling. No wonder so many of us end up falling for fuckboy after fuckboy when our 12-year-old selves were obsessed with John Tucker. At that age how are you supposed to know that’s not what romance should be?

Do Revenge was full of plenty of conniving characters, but no one was as bad as Max Broussard, however. He was a two-faced philanderer who took no responsibility for his cruel actions.This dark comedy referenced many classic teen movies, which can make a person think about other characters who were the worst boyfriends to have. These boys performed heinous actions such as lying, cheating, and even killing. Then there are those who were unlikable due to their questionable acts and off-putting personalities.

From a few minor indiscretions like not listening to an apology, to full on controlling aggressive behaviour and slamming a car bonnet in anger, there’s been a variety in how badly these teen boys have treated their girlfriends. But who was the worst?

Now obviously none of these behaviours should be applauded for being the best of a bad bunch, but when it comes down to the details it’s very easy to rank who was the worst boyfriend. And if you don’t agree with our ranking then vote at the end for the worst teen movie boyfriend.

Notables got to (film/actor). Wild Child – Freddie Kingsley, 10 Things I Hate About You – Patrick Verona, Clueless – Murray Duvall

Whatever they did, it all proved that their significant others deserved better.

10 Max Broussard – Do Revenge (2022)

Do Revenge is a Netflix original that gives a fresh take on movie revenge. This black comedy has two girls plan out ways to take down the people who wronged them.

Max is one of the worst people who deserve a good taste of karma. First, he is a hypocrite due to painting himself as a good boy with feminist values. His wanting to be there for his female classmates is all a facade since Max is really a misogynist who uses girls as objects. He finds it all a fun game as he uses his charm and wealth to win when he isn’t manipulating his girlfriends to get him out of situations. Thankfully his true intentions are revealed in the end.

9 Aaron – Bring It On (2000)

High school cheerleader Torrance Shipman attempts to lead her squad to a national title in Bring It On. While trying to achieve her goals, Torrance’s philandering boyfriend is an unreliable source of support for her. There is brutal honesty, and then there’s Aaron. He’s only there for his girlfriend to offer rude comments to her.

When he is not doing that, he is selling her out to other cheerleaders or cheating on her. He’s a cheerleader too, but instead of helping Torrance with the skills he claims she lacks, he would think it’s better to advise her to give up on her goals because she is mediocre at best. She said it herself he is a great cheerleader but a terrible boyfriend.

8 Danny Zuko – Grease (1978)

The iconic movie musical has two teens share a summer romance before reuniting the following school year. With her being a good girl and him a bad boy, compromises might be needed for it to work out between them.

Danny cares more about his reputation as he lies about their time together. He barely acknowledges her when they meet again and still shows shame in going out with her when she gives him another chance. Danny isn’t honest with her about another girl and then later tries to force himself on her. He hardly changes for the better, while Sandy does a complete 180 to please him. Sure, he might’ve gotten into sports, but he’s ready to discard it all upon seeing the new her.

7 Noah Flynn – The Kissing Booth (2018 – 2021)

The Kissing Booth is problematic, but one standout element is the character of Noah Flynn. He’s chauvinistic and possessive of Elle. He goes so far as to threaten any guys who get close to her. Yet he also has no problem victim blaming her, such as making a comment on the length of her skirt and how he believes it was the cause of unwanted advances.

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He’s condescending and feels entitled to have a say in how Elle lives her life because he doesn’t find any validity in her feelings. His actions do nothing but set a bad example of how someone can win over the person they love. It is never a good idea to claim someone as a piece of property or dismiss emotions.

6 John Tucker – John Tucker Must Die (2006)

Three different teenage girls realize they have at least one thing in common. What they all share is who they’re dating. John Tucker is a high school heartthrob who believes he has come up with the best idea to hide his womanizing ways. He could date multiple girls at once because of how he goes for ones from each social circle, so there’s little chance of them interacting with each other.

If that isn’t enough, John makes each of them keep their relationship a secret and conjures up lies to cover anything else up. Luckily, he gets his comeuppance once the girls find out and band together to hatch up the ultimate revenge plan to break his heart and ruin his reputation.

5 Edward Cullen – The Twilight Saga (2008 – 2012)

This unforgettable romance of a human teen falling for a vampire has many red flags even the biggest fans can’t avoid seeing. One of these flags is how Edward handles his love for Bella.

He’s told her on a few occasions that he’d understand if she’d want out of the relationship, but it doesn’t stop him from obsessing over her and following her around. If he isn’t doing any of that, he’s making decisions for her like she’s an incapable child. Then there is why he’s attracted to her in the first place. He’s so intoxicated by her scent that he might drain her blood until there’s nothing left. After being alive for so long, he should have learned some self-control.

4 Kyle Scheible – Ladybird (2017)

This coming-of-age story revolves around a strong-willed girl trying to figure out her place in the world. What comes with this journey are trials and tribulations that appear in her love life.

Kyle is one of the boys Ladybird starts a relationship with during her senior year of high school, and it is clear from the start that she could do so much better. He appears hip and mysterious with his quiet intensity, charisma, and how he is in a band. In reality, Kyle is pretentious and full of weird conspiracies. He also lies to Ladybird about being a virgin and tries to gaslight her by saying he never told her such a thing.

3 Jake Ryan – Sixteen Candles (1984)

Sixteen Candles stars Molly Ringwald as a girl who just turned sixteen. Despite everyone in her family forgetting her birthday, the only thing on her wish list is high school heartthrob Jake Ryan.

If only Sam knew what he was like as a boyfriend. He does reciprocate her feelings, despite being in a relationship. Jake brushes off his girlfriend and the movie’s villain, Caroline, who can barely stand on her own after having too much alcohol at a party. He might’ve fallen out of love with her, but it’s no excuse to pass her off to the next interested guy while she’s blacking out. It can make someone think about what Jake will do if he loses interest in Sam or if she’s ever in a vulnerable state.

2 Sebastian Valmont – Cruel Intentions (1999)

This 90s cult classic has wealthy stepsiblings make a bet where they place their best manipulative skills to the test. Sebastian is notorious for his womanizing and starts his latest relationship as part of this bet. He first sees Annette as nothing but a potential conquest before he starts to form real feelings for her. He still isn’t the best boyfriend, as he is duplicitous, arrogant, and prone to blackmailing if he is desperate enough.

There is also his fixation on his stepsister, Kathryn, who is just as two-faced, if not more. He might redeem himself in the end, but it would take time for him to earn back any trust due to who he was and what he did.

1 Jason “J.D.” Dean – Heathers (1989)

What should have been harmless pranks against the popular kids turn into murders needing to be covered up. That is what happens in one of the darkest teen movies.

Veronica Sawyer and her new rebel boyfriend are behind these heinous acts, with him being the mastermind who tricks her each time. J.D.’s outlook on social status is morbid, with him thinking everyone can only live in harmony when they are dead. He is unapologetic for his murderous actions and even paints it as a romantic concept for Veronica. When she refuses to continue their relationship, he threatens her life before he decides to blow up their school. He’s the worst with his murderous tendencies and twisted views that luckily were stopped by Veronica.

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