7 Marvel And DC Movies From 2022 Ranked, and 2023 releases revealed

Superhero movies have become popular genre across the blobe from Hollywood for more than two decades now, so no one blinks an eye anymore when multiple Marvel and DC movies come out per year. 2022 was no different, as looking over strictly the theatrical offerings from just these two companies, we scored seven movies: three from Marvel Studios, three from DC and one from Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

While 2022 isn’t over just yet, there aren’t anymore superhero movies hitting the big screen in these remaining days. As such, now is the time to rank what we did get this year, from worst to best, before we starting thinking about what Marvel and DC will be released next year. Let’s start off with the worst of the bunch, which saw Jared Leto causing a ruckus as a vampire.

7. Morbius

The critical reception for Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the first two entries in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, ranges from mixed to negative, but at least both movies were financial successes. Morbius, on the other hand, scored both primarily negative reviews and bombed at the box office. Even with Matt Smith playing the lead antagonist and Michael Keaton briefly popping in as Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. The Vulture, from Spider-Man: Homecoming, Morbius failed to hit with most moviegoers due to its subpar story, bland performances, the list goes on. Its biggest claim to fame is spawning numerous internet memes, including “It’s Morbin’ time,” but those weren’t enough to get people to see Morbius during its second go-around in theaters. (opens in new tab

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