8 TV Shows That Proved More Popular Than Expected In 2022

The Best TV Shows of 2022

When fans imagine a perfect night in, what immediately comes to mind is some Netflix and chill, or any other streaming platform and chilling, for the matter. T.V has now become not just entertainment, but a prized ritual for millions around the globe. With the relatively recent launch of multiple streaming platforms like Disney + and HBO+, the world of small screen wonders has become way more expansive than that of cinema and movies.

The broadly diverse selection of different and immersive shows take fans on one endless journey, which is exactly what fans desire. Fandoms are built over time, and these T.V series offer just that. This year, there were some expected hits, surprise hit, and sleeper hits that no one, not even critics, could see coming. With that being said, no one could ever really crack TV’s formula for hit shows, but these series definitely did.

10 Andor

The Star Wars spin-off television market has been oversaturated for some time, but Rogue One spin-off Andor promised something different – and boy, did it deliver. The show has more in keeping with Game Of Thrones than Star Wars at times, not least through its violence and rogue’s gallery of baddies. Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) – has a touch of the Joffreys about him, while Denise Gough’s terrifying Imperial officer Dedra Meero is not one to be messed with. Neither, though, is good guy Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), who, in episode one, ruthlessly kills two guards, setting the show’s darker tone from the get-go. Its action sequences are the best of the Star Wars spinoffs by some way – check out Stellan Skarsgård’s Luthen Rael’s daring escape from the Empire or the dizzying dogfight in ‘The Eye’. Visually, the decision to shoot extensive scenes live on location in wild, rural Scotland also resulted in some of the most beautiful cinematography in Star Wars history. Roll on season two.

9 Heartstopper

When it debuted in April, Netflix’s uncommonly tender coming-of-age drama charmed absolutely everybody. Adapted by Alice Oseman from her own graphic novel and webcomic series, it follows the blossoming relationship between popular rugby lad Nick (Kit Connor) and nerdier, nervier Charlie (Joe Locke). It’s not just the sweetest story you’ll enjoy all year, but also one of the most inclusive: Oseman has created a world where multiple interlinking LGBTQ+ stories are soundtracked by glistening indie bangers from the likes of Baby Queen, Beabadoobee and CHVRCHES. Across eight half-hour episodes, you won’t just be rooting for the super-likeable lead duo, but also for Charlie’s overprotective mate Tao (William Gao), their poised trans pal Elle (Yasmin Finney), and a cute queer couple who help to show them the way: Tara (Corinna Brown) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell). The perfectly formed and utterly life-affirming first season was such a huge word-of-mouth hit that Netflix has already ordered two more. Start stockpiling the tissues right away.

8 The White Lotus Was A Sensation

Originally airing in July 2021, The White Lotus garnered some buzz in the inner circle of critics and some Reddit threads, but it reached new levels of popularity with its second season in 2022. With an all star cast of Jennifer Coolidge, Sydney Sweeny, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, and loads more, this show is definitely worth every bit of hype.

7 The Dropout

Showed A Whole New Side To Amanda Seyfried

The Dropout is Amanda Seyfried’s first major leading role in television, she was aware of that fact, and she definitely delivered! The show takes on the Theranos scandal, a huge fraudulent scam that was deceptively put up by Elizabeth Holmes, the character Amanda Seyfried is playing. The company Theranos claimed to be a health solutions company, and they fabricated their results in order to appeal to investors. Accordingly, consumers made life altering decisions that later proved to be disastrous. Seyfried commented about why the show was essential saying, “For the sake of all the victims of her lies, I hope they feel more seen, the story keeps going if we keep talking about it — and then we don’t let her off the hook.”

6 Interview With The Vampire

Was The Revival Fans Were Waiting For

Nearly twenty years after the iconic movie was released, AMC took the bag home with a series adaptation of the famous film. Adapted originally from the Anne Rice novel, the show takes up the characters in unfamiliar modern settings, i.e Dubai. Fans were super excited to see the revival of a classic vampire tale offering up a new deep, sexy, and engaging adaptation of the tale.

5 This Is Going To Hurt

Hurt In All The Right Ways

BBC took it upon themselves to dramatize Adam Kay’s best-selling autobiographical novel into a series that pulls on everybody’s heartstrings. Ben Whishaw plays a doctor in an underfunded maternity ward, where he battles to provide adequate care for his patients. Fans say, who doesn’t love a gut-wrenching medical drama?

4  Shining Girls

Was Elizabeth Moss’ Most Anticipated Role

Shining Girls was already a household name in the world of television with The Handmaid’s Tale still going strong. However, fans loved seeing her in crime thriller where she investigates the truth of her past assault leading her to a whole new conspiracy.

3 The Bear

Was Full Of Heart And Depth

The Bear is the story of a struggling high-end chef, Carmy (played by Jeremy Allen White) who is completely burnt out. A relatable story to many fans, Carmy ends up quitting his job and takes on a failing sandwich shop back in his hometown of Chicago. Definitely worth the watch.

2 Severance

Was The Sci-Fi Show Everybody Was Waiting For

From the mind of Ben Stiller, he finally got to flex his directing chops on this eerie but stellar sci-fi show on Apple TV. Starring Adam Scott and an onslaught of stars fans usually associate with comedy, the show broke new grounds for the actors and was an incredibly fresh story that fans just got hooked on.

1 Wednesday

No One Could Have Anticipated Wednesday’s Massive Success

The Addams Family is a beloved cult classic, and when news broke out that Tim Burton was to direct an adaptation of the classic tale focusing on the character of Wednesday, there was some immediate hype. Although fans were super skeptical in the beginning, when they got to watch the show, they were sucked back into the signature gothic Tim Burton charm. The show went viral and is currently attracting more and more viewers for its exciting storytelling and compelling aesthetic.

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