Ana De Armas’ Best And Worst Films

Ana de Armas has only become a big-name Hollywood figure in recent years, with her award-winning roles in some recent blockbusters having a lot to do with her sudden rise to stardom. She’s by no means inexperienced, however; for nearly ten years before she hit the big leagues, she’d been an acclaimed actress, just not to the same degree that she is today.

Ana De Armas’ Best Movies

The 2016 sports biopic Hands of Stone follows the life of Panamanian boxing world champ Roberto Durán, from his training days to his pro career. Ana de Armas appears as Roberto’s wife, Felicidad Inglesias.

The first Hollywood movie of de Armas’ career proved to be a major turning point. Critical reviews were mixed, though her performance itself was praised as energetic and charismatic.

The Gray Man (2022) – 50%

The latest Netflix blockbuster The Gray Man features an all-star cast that hopes to launch a new franchise for the streaming platform. Ryan Gosling plays a spy who uncovers a deadly secret that forces him to go on the run from a ruthless operative (Chris Evans).

While critics found the movie to be somewhat conventional as an action movie, Gosling received solid praise for his action hero role as well as Evans in a rare bad guy role. Along with the A-list actors facing off, the movie features a strong supporting cast with de Armas as an agent who teams with Evans’ character in the hunt.

War Dogs (2016)

The dark-comedy biopic War Dogs is the wild true story of two young men, played by Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, who win a multi-million dollar bid to provide the US government with guns. Teller’s character is joined by his wife, played by de Armas, who witnesses his journey from massage therapist to arms dealer.

Director Todd Phillips seemed ready to show people he was more than just a director of wild comedies and many critics found this to be a compelling and outrageous crime story.

The Informer (2020)

Based on the crime thriller Three Seconds by best-selling duo Roslund & Hellström, 2019’s The Informer follows ex-con Pete Koslow, who, because of his former prowess as a Special Forces soldier, is brought on by the FBI to help them take down a notorious mob boss. Ana de Armas appears as Koslow’s wife, though her character doesn’t get a lot of screen time.

The film received mixed reviews from critics though it does have its fans, who see it as an underrated thriller.

No Time To Die (2021)

Daniel Craig bid farewell to the character of 007 with his final appearance in No Time to Die. The movie took the character to surprising places like no other Bond movie and served as a fitting end of Craig’s era. But it was Ana de Armas who stole the show in her brief role as Bond’s ally, Paloma.

The movie finds Bond confronting a new villain who threatens him in ways no adversary has before. With an abundance of style and some thrilling action sequences, it is a great entry into the franchise. One common critic, however, was that de Armas’ role was too small.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) – 88%

A much-anticipated sequel to one of the greatest cyberpunk movies ever made, Blade Runner 2049 stars Ryan Gosling in a futuristic world with bio-engineered life and advanced artificial intelligence; de Armas plays his holographic girlfriend, Joi.

The film successfully updated an ’80s classic into modern times, and thus received due praise for its writing, story, performances, and directing.

Knives Out (2019)

A modern mystery set inside a mansion filled with suspects, 2019’s Knives Out stars de Armas as Marta, the kind, intelligent nurse to millionaire writer Harlon Thrombey; when he’s found dead in his study, she gets caught up in the ensuing murder case.

Praised as a genre-bending masterpiece that truly proved Rian Johnson the king of subverted expectations, Knives Out was one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year. It also made for a very rewatchable movie as fans spotted many clues upon a second viewing.

Ana De Armas’ Worst Movies (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

Wasp Network (2019)

A drama set around a Cuban task force that attempts to take down an anti-Castro cult from the inside, 2019’s Wasp Network starred de Armas in the role of Ana Martinez, the oblivious wife of a drug-trafficking spy.

The film received mixed-to-negative reviews, with the main criticisms stemming from its poor pacing and lazy writing – although the performances and atmosphere were both widely praised.

Deep Water (2022)

The erotic thriller Deep Water didn’t make much of a splash when it was released this year despite having some big names in the lead roles. The movie stars de Armas and Ben Affleck as a couple whose trust in each other is constantly in question, leading to some deadly consequences.

Despite the acclaimed career of director Adrian Lyne, critics admitted Deep Water was not his best work. Though fans of the erotic thriller genre might find something worthwhile in the movie, it was deemed a waste of the two talented stars.

Knock Knock (2015)

A good old-fashioned horror flick about stranger danger, Knock Knock follows Evan Webber (played by Keanu Reeves), a well-to-do married man who’s looking to spend Father’s Day weekend working from home while his family goes on vacation. His plans are interrupted by the arrival of two strangers, Genesis (played by Lorenzo Izzo) and Bel (played by de Armas), who at first seem to have innocent intentions – although it soon becomes clear they don’t plan on letting him enjoy his weekend.

While some critics liked the film’s campy thrills, it received largely negative reviews for its lackluster writing, improbable story, and bizarre ending.

The Night Clerk (2020)

The crime drama The Night Clerk follows a lonely, autistic desk clerk (played by Tye Sheridan) who becomes the main suspect in a murder investigation at his hotel – while he initially just tries to prove himself innocent, he soon realizes he’ll have to find the real killer himself if he wants to protect a guest he’s fallen in love with (played by de Armas) from harm.

The performances of the led received praise from critics, although that couldn’t fix the many problems found in the film’s story and script.

Overdrive (2017)

A high-speed heist thriller following Andrew and Garrett, two car-thief brothers who mess with the wrong crime lord, the 2017 film Overdrive co-stars de Armas as Stephanie, Andrew’s crime-hardened girlfriend.

While the story had potential, it failed to live up to it, and critics couldn’t find much else of value in the tepid, cliche actioner.

Exposed (2016)

After working alongside Keanu Reeves in Knock Knock, de Armas was given the opportunity to co-star with him again in 2016’s Exposed. Unfortunately, the film, following a detective who discovers lies, corruption, and cover-ups in his very own police force, didn’t impress critics.

Reviews praised the strong cast, but the story was nothing to write home about, and the script stripped the film’s stars of any opportunity to showcase their talent.

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