How to Celebrate Besties Anniversary in Style: 7 unique ways

Is your best friend’s anniversary around the corner, and you want to surprise her with a unique party? Worry not because we have got you covered. We’ll share some unique and innovative ways to help you plan your bestie’s anniversary party, and that, too, with less hassle and worries. Anniversary holds an emotional place in a person’s life, and to celebrate that, you need to plan beforehand. After reading this article, we’re sure you can also start planning your best friend’s anniversary, even if it’s just around the corner, because we’ll share some quick fixes as well.

Now, without blabbering further, let’s kick start with the article because we can’t wait to share these amazing ways, guys!

7 Unique Ways to Celebrate Besties Anniversary

If you plan to give your best friend a thoughtful surprise party, then these are some tips you need to follow. Planning a party is sure a huge thing, and for that, all you need to do is think ahead. Planning ahead is a smart move cause to be safe. Let’s now take a look at the tips:

1.     Create a WhatsApp group

This is important, especially if you are planning with a group of more people. So, you can divide the expenses. And this is going to make it super easy to communicate and plan the way. Remember to add an exciting group name to eliminate suspicions as you prepare for a surprise party!

2.     Wine

An anniversary party without wine is blunt and boring. You can also go for alcoholic beverages if you want, but wine is a better option as it comes with no mess and hangovers. You can buy wine online, and you’ll get delivery on time. You don’t need to go anywhere, and that’s the best thing as you can focus on other things and you’ll receive the wine at your doorstep.

3.     Better to Decorate yourself

Checking out designs on Pinterest and decorating the house yourself is better. First, you need to select a location for that, and you can just invite your best friend there. Then, you can either select your house as the destination or any of your friend’s houses as well. Decorating yourself will leave a different kind of effort, and as you know what your friend likes the most, you can also incorporate that through your decoration.

4.     Select a theme for the party

This is another important step because you can’t just randomly hang and put things to decorate the space. For example, your best friend’s favorite color is purple, so you can just set a purplish theme to decorate the space. Or maybe your friend loves Harry Potter, so you can order a theme cake or make a Harry Potter theme party as well. Theme parties are photogenic and look adorable. You can skip this step if you think you don’t have much time, but as per our suggestion, this will make your decoration pop.

5.     Invitations

If you have already created a WhatsApp group and decided that you all are going to throw a party, then you don’t need to invite them separately. But most probably, you are going to do most of it, so it’s best if you have to invite anyone, invite two weeks before the actual event date.

6.     Organizing food

This is honestly an integral part of a party. You need to focus and plan on this. If you are celebrating it just with friends and family, you can even cook to impress your best friend and everyone. The best is to book a catering service, as it’s reliable and hassle-free. You can choose a menu with all your best friend’s favorite food and make sure to match it with the theme of the party.

The cake is also a part of this, and if you are opting for a theme cake, select a design and book your cake in advance.

Final Thoughts

Your bestie’s special day is definitely super special for you too. So, to make it picture perfect, follow the tips we’ve spoken of above, and you’ll notice the part to be organized smoothly, and it’ll be a perfect space for them to enjoy. So, organize the party, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of our super amazing ideas. 

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