‘Edge of Tomorrow’ movie director talks Tom Cruise

Director Doug Liman has revealed his Edge of Tomorrow star Tom Cruise was vulnerable throughout the action sci-fi picture.

Director Doug Liman says Tom Cruise is “a total coward” in Edge of Tomorrow.

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The sci-fi action film sees Tom portray Lt. Col. William ‘Bill’ Cage, a soldier who must battle extraterrestrials over and over again after being sucked into a time loop.

And according to filmmaker Doug, audiences may be shocked the thespian isn’t portraying a traditionally macho role.

“He’s a total coward in this movie, all the way through,” the director told BBC News.

“The number of times he squeals in this movie out of fear… he does this amazing squeal.”

Doug was impressed by how easily Tom allowed raw emotion to colour his performance of the military officer.

The filmmaker noted depicting recurring death is difficult for many actors, but Tom seemed at home with the challenge.

“A lot of stars would hesitate about being that vulnerable,” Doug told the outlet before stating Tom’s character “dies 200 times in the movie”.

The director has filmed big budget action features in the past, including 2005 release Mr. and Mrs. Smith starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as well as 2002 picture The Bourne Identity.

And even with all of his on-set experience, Doug believes filming Edge of Tomorrow was singular in its ease.

“We shot the entire movie on the stages and backlot at Leavesden [in the UK],” Doug said.

“I’ve shot elsewhere in Europe, and my experience has been that when you need a specialist you fly someone in from England. [But by shooting at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire] I got to have the best in every department.

“This was my first time shooting an entire movie in England and it really was an extraordinary experience.”

Edge of Tomorrow, which also stars Emily Blunt, will be released in cinemas May 30.

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