Nicole Scherzinger’s lifestyle is music and exercise

Nicole Scherzinger loves running to music, and favours her own tunes when exercising.

Nicole Scherzinger likes to run to her own music.

Nicole Scherzinger lifestyle is music and exercise | MarkMeets editors pick |
The former Pussycat Dolls singer has one of the hottest bodies in showbiz, and says her lean physique is all down to running and dancing.

The 35-year-old listens to music while keeping fit to ensure she stays focused on the task at hand, and likes nothing more than blasting out her own tunes.

“If you’re wanting to look and get more fit, it’s about balance. I love to run – so put some music on and run! I think it’s really strong for the mind and strong for the body. I like to spin and do yoga as well. And dancing is really great exercise,” Nicole revealed to British magazine Now.

“I run to my own music a lot because I’m always making changes to it, but my playlist has anything from reggae to rock to hardcore hip-hop. I like empowering songs – two of my favourite are Bad Girls by M.I.A. and Brave by Sara Bareilles.”

The Hawaiian-born beauty became an instant style icon when she took over as a judge on The X Factor, first in America and then in Britain.

She’s now joined forces with online retailer Missguided to bring out a clothing line, giving fans of her personal style the chance to dress like the star herself.

“Make it look effortless and don’t try too hard,” Nicole advised to anyone wishing to emulate her fashion choices. “I’ve got these cut-out dresses and they’re strong statement pieces that are still really easy to wear.

“You can throw them on and you’re ready to go. Even if you’re just wearing a tank top and some jeans and a dope jacket or fishnet jumper, it has to have a little bit of an edge and funk to it. ”

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