Simon Cowell isn’t nervous about X Factor musical

Simon Cowell has ”thick skin” when it comes to the upcoming ‘X Factor’ musical ‘I Can’t Sing’.

The 54-year-old music mogul isn’t worried about being spoofed in the new theatre show – which was written and created by Harry Hill – and didn’t want to make changes to the script, even though it may not show him in the best light.

Simon Cowell isn't nervous about X Factor musical | MarkMeets West End Theatre News |
He explained to Radio Times magazine: ”I have not changed a word and I wouldn’t. If it feels like it’s got my hands over it, people won’t enjoy it as much. I’ve got thick enough skin.”

The ‘X Factor’ creator admits he isn’t a musical theatre fan and was reluctant to agree to the show at first, but Harry’s funny script and songs won him over.

He recalled: ”I thought, ‘Oh Christ, what if I hate it?’ So I said to my PA, ‘Get me a seat at the back near the exit.’ I hate musicals, but these songs were great and within five minutes I was in hysterics.

”We all get it in the neck, particularly me, but we didn’t want to make something pompous or earnest.”

And Simon isn’t worried about ‘I Can’t Sing’ undermining the integrity of ‘The X Factor’.

He explained: ”If I thought it was damaging to the brand we wouldn’t have done it.

”Any show that has Wagner competing against One Direction or that can turn John and Edward into multimillionaires is a bit wacky. It’s a bonkers show in a way. I mean, Louis [Walsh] on the panel? It’s nuts!”

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