George Clooney Confirms Fourth ‘Ocean’s’ Film Script

George Clooney, a renowned figure in the world of cinema, has officially confirmed the development of a fourth installment in the iconic “Ocean’s” heist film series. During the promotion of his directed film “The Boys in the Boat,” Clooney shared this exciting news, sparking anticipation among fans who have been eagerly waiting for a new addition to the franchise. Let’s delve into the details of this revelation, exploring the script’s potential, the unique direction the movie might take, and the broader impact of the “Ocean’s” films on the cinematic landscape.

A Script in the Works

Clooney disclosed that there is a script currently in the works for the fourth “Ocean’s” film, extending the narrative from where the 2007 movie “Ocean’s 13” concluded. This particular installment had marked the culmination of Steven Soderbergh’s crime comedy trilogy at the time. Notably, it paved the way for the 2018 spin-off “Ocean’s 8,” starring Sandra Bullock as the sister of Clooney’s presumed-dead character, breathing new life into the franchise.

Unveiling the Intriguing Details

In his revelation, Clooney shared snippets about the upcoming film, ensuring excitement among fans. He mentioned the script’s quality, hinting at its excellence, thereby creating heightened expectations. Interestingly, Clooney emphasized that the film would not be titled “Ocean’s 14.” Instead, he drew a parallel to the 1979 heist comedy “Going In Style” to convey the essence of the upcoming installment, suggesting a unique twist to the conventional naming convention.

Drawing Inspiration from ‘Going In Style’

Clooney’s reference to “Going In Style” adds an intriguing layer to the discussion. The 1979 film, directed by Martin Brest, featured a group of senior citizens planning a theft. This premise aligns with the heist-driven theme of the “Ocean’s” series, prompting speculation about the narrative direction and tone of the fourth film. As we anticipate the unfolding of a new caper, it’s essential to consider how this nod to a classic heist comedy might influence the storytelling and style of the upcoming installment.

The Evolution of the ‘Ocean’s’ Franchise

Originating from the 1960 Rat Pack movie, the “Ocean’s” films have become a cinematic phenomenon. Starring an ensemble cast, including Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Casey Affleck, Elliott Gould, Julia Roberts, and, of course, George Clooney, the trilogy kicked off in 2001 with “Ocean’s 11,” followed by “Ocean’s 12” in 2004 and “Ocean’s 13” in 2007. The enduring popularity of these films has not only entertained audiences but also laid the groundwork for further exploration of the narrative universe.

Expanding the Universe: Prequel in the Works

Beyond the confirmed fourth installment, the “Ocean’s” franchise is expanding with a prequel film. Starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, this Jay Roach-directed movie is set in 1960s Europe and reportedly centers around the birth of George Clooney’s character. Clooney’s playful speculation about Robbie and Gosling portraying his parents adds a layer of humor to the anticipation surrounding the prequel, setting the stage for a fresh perspective on the origin of the heist legacy.

Casting Challenges and Regrets

During the 2023 TCM Classic Film Festival, Clooney, alongside “Ocean’s 11” director Soderbergh, revealed intriguing details about the casting challenges faced during the inception of the franchise. Notably, both Johnny Depp and Mark Wahlberg turned down roles in the ensemble franchise, a decision they reportedly regretted later. Clooney’s candid commentary on this aspect provides insight into the challenges and dynamics of assembling the star-studded cast that eventually became synonymous with the “Ocean’s” series.

Steven Soderbergh’s Vision and Studio Dynamics

Clooney’s reflection on the casting challenges also sheds light on the broader cinematic landscape at the time. He highlighted Soderbergh’s vision of infusing independent film elements into the studio system, steering away from the era’s trend of producing big, broad, and arguably less impactful films. The commitment to revitalize the cinematic experience by incorporating lessons from independent filmmaking speaks to the artistic intent behind the “Ocean’s” series and its role in shaping the industry during a crucial period.


In conclusion, George Clooney’s confirmation of a fourth “Ocean’s” movie script has sparked enthusiasm among fans and raised intriguing questions about the future of the iconic heist film franchise. As we eagerly await more details and the eventual release of the film, the broader impact of the “Ocean’s” series on cinematic storytelling, casting dynamics, and the evolving landscape of the film industry remains undeniable. The blend of nostalgia, anticipation for new narratives, and the expansion of the “Ocean’s” universe through prequels promises to keep audiences captivated, ensuring that the legacy of the “Ocean’s” heist films endures for years to come.

George Clooney’s movies have made more than $3 billion combined at the box office.

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