10 things smart women don’t do in relationships

Smart women in relationships do not abandon their own happiness, disengage from others, argue over petty issues, make big investments without being married, view the world through rose-colored glasses, give more than they receive, stop growing, or tolerate any type of abuse. These women love fully, but they also know their worth and will not debase themselves for the sake of a relationship. Smart women view their partner as someone who walks beside them and will not surrender their identity to the relationship.

Smart women in relationships realize that they must find their own happiness and that a partner is not the primary source of their happiness. They understand that maintaining their hobbies, dreams, and friendships are important to their overall well-being. While they may be enamored with their partner at first, they will revert to their former selves.

Smart women in relationships do not cut ties with others to devote all their attention to their partner. They attend parties and events and continue to engage with people of the opposite sex. They choose to date confident men who do not exhibit jealousy and refuse to enter codependent relationships that are detrimental to their personal growth.

Smart women in relationships avoid arguing over minor issues and realize that conflicts are inevitable but not insurmountable. They have healthy relationships and maintain friendships with their ex-partners. Smart women in relationships also avoid making significant financial investments until they are married. They understand the legal ramifications of joint investments in case the relationship ends.

Smart women in relationships view the world realistically and refuse to ignore red flags. They pay attention to problems and work with their partner to find solutions. Smart women in relationships understand that love is noble, but they value fairness in all aspects of life. They believe in giving more to their loved ones but refuse to be taken advantage of or enable bad behavior.

Smart women in relationships continue to grow and pursue new experiences to keep their relationships exciting and fresh. They do not tolerate any form of abuse, whether physical or verbal, blatant or subtle. They take any kind of abuse seriously and will not tolerate it. They know that it’s possible to file a protective order when faced with abuse, but should still be aware that the accused may be fighting protective orders.

In conclusion, smart women in relationships are self-aware and maintain their identity, relationships, and personal growth. They are realistic in their expectations and pursue relationships that are healthy, equitable, and non-abusive. Smart women in relationships know their worth and are not willing to compromise their values to be in a relationship. They approach love with full hearts, but with the knowledge that self-respect and personal growth are essential to a healthy relationship.

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