BTS star V’s debut solo album Layover is out 8th September 2023

The much-anticipated debut solo album of BTS member V, also known as Kim Tae-hyung, is on the horizon. Titled ‘Layover’, this exciting album is scheduled for release on September 8th. V, a pivotal figure in the chart-topping K-Pop boy band, BTS, is ready to showcase a whole new facet of his musical talent through this six-song album.

Diverse Track-list to Delight Fans

The album boasts a carefully curated track-list featuring a mix of emotions and musical styles. Fans can immerse themselves in V’s artistic expression through songs like ‘Rainy Days’, ‘Blue’, ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Slow Dancing’, ‘For Us’, and even a ‘Slow Dancing (Piano Version)’ for those who appreciate a stripped-down rendition.

A Glimpse of V’s Evolving Artistry

In a statement addressing his upcoming LP, the 27-year-old V shared his feelings of both nervousness and happiness. He revealed that ‘Layover’ is a creation that encapsulates his personal preferences while offering a glimpse into his creative depth. He expressed his anticipation of presenting an array of elements, highlighting, “There will be a lot of things to show.”

V also added, “I prepared it while thinking that ARMY would be happy, so I hope you all look forward to it. You will be able to see solo artist V, which will show a new side and will be different from BTS’s V.”

An Artist’s Journey: V’s Debut and Jungkook’s Path

V’s solo album announcement follows the release of his bandmate Jungkook’s lead single ‘Seven’ from his upcoming mini solo album. The synergy within the group is palpable as individual members explore their unique musical ventures.

Jungkook, the 25-year-old sensation, hinted at more exciting releases on the horizon. He disclosed, “I have another single. And then, I’ll be releasing a small mini album by November.” The artist admitted that crafting the follow-up to ‘Seven’ posed its own set of challenges.

The Pursuit of Artistic Excellence

When queried about the progress of his upcoming collection, Jungkook candidly shared, “No. I have to start working on them now. I want a song like [‘Seven’] for my second single too, but I haven’t found it.” The dedication to crafting music that resonates with his vision is evident in Jungkook’s pursuit of the perfect second single.

Suga, another influential member of BTS, humorously proposed the idea of writing a song for Jungkook. This camaraderie and mutual support among the members are a testament to their strong bond and commitment to each other’s artistic growth.

Unveiling the Creative Spark

Jungkook reflected on how pivotal the song ‘Seven’ was for his artistic journey. He admitted, “The moment I heard it, I was like ‘I have to do this’. Without the song ‘Seven’, I might’ve still been on a break right now. I was totally enjoying my time off, and this song got me started again.”

The power of the right song at the right time is evident in Jungkook’s narrative, underscoring the transformative impact that music can have on an artist’s trajectory.

Aspirations and Musical Identity

In a recent interview, Jungkook delved into his aspirations as a musician. His ambition is clear: to be “more appreciated and be even better.” He aspires to exude a sense of coolness and charisma, embodying the essence of a true pop star. Jungkook’s pursuit of excellence is deeply rooted in his desire to experience the magic that comes with artistic growth and recognition.

He eloquently expressed, “In a word: cool. That’s the whole reason I’m doing this. I want to be that kind of pop star someday – I want to be able to really experience that feeling… I hope the day comes that I can look at myself from a third-person perspective and give myself that kind of recognition. I’ll know I’m that kind of pop star once I can do that.”


The imminent release of V’s debut solo album ‘Layover’ is a moment of excitement and anticipation for BTS fans worldwide. With its carefully crafted track-list and V’s personal touch, the album promises to reveal a new dimension of his artistic prowess. The evolving journey of BTS members like Jungkook further adds to the intrigue, as they explore new horizons while staying true to their musical roots. As they continue to inspire and captivate audiences, the future looks incredibly bright for these remarkable artists.

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