Busted want to make documentary after their upcoming tour

Busted’s Upcoming Tour and Documentary Plans

The iconic pop-rock trio Busted is set to hit the road once again as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. Comprising members Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis, and James Bourne, the ‘Year 3000’ hitmakers have officially reunited and are gearing up for an exciting 26-date arena tour in support of their latest release, ‘Greatest Hits 2.0’. However, there’s more to this tour than just the music – Busted has revealed their intention to capture some of their live performances on camera, with hopes of creating a documentary that chronicles their journey in the music industry.

Charlie, Matt, and James recently shared their plans with The Sun. Charlie expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming tour and the idea of filming tv shows. While the exact purpose of the footage is still uncertain, Charlie expressed his desire to produce a documentary that delves into the story of Busted. He also mentioned that discussions are underway with potential collaborators to make this idea a reality.

For the band, this tour marks a significant moment in their career. With two decades of music-making behind them, Busted has amassed a dedicated fanbase and a repertoire of hit songs that have left a lasting impact on the pop-rock genre. As they reflect on their journey, the members of Busted find themselves at an intriguing crossroads between their past and their present.

Unveiling Candid Moments: A Possible Documentary

The prospect of a Busted documentary is particularly exciting for fans who have followed the band’s trajectory over the years. This potential film could offer an intimate look into the behind-the-scenes moments, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped Busted into the influential musical group they are today. As Charlie, Matt, and James navigate the concept of producing a documentary, fans are left eagerly anticipating the stories and insights that might be unveiled through this project.

Keeping it Cool After the Show

In the midst of their tour preparations, Busted members were also questioned about their post-show relaxation strategies. Charlie playfully responded that perhaps sipping herbal tea could be on the agenda, a departure from the traditional rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. It’s a humorous nod to the band’s more mature outlook while acknowledging their desire to maintain their energy throughout the tour.

Meanwhile, Matt Willis shared his unique approach to unwinding after performances. He revealed his fascination with a cold plunge pool, which he plans to incorporate into the tour routine. Matt’s dedication to fitness has motivated him to stay in shape, ensuring that he can continue to deliver high-energy performances without losing his breath. This commitment underscores the band’s determination to provide their audience with the best possible experience during the tour.

Fond Memories and Unexpected Connections

In the midst of reminiscing about their journey, Busted recalled a special connection to former England striker Wayne Rooney. The band members fondly recounted an encounter with Rooney during his 18th birthday party in October 2002. According to James, Wayne had even ventured backstage during one of their shows.

Reflecting on this memory, James humorously mentioned that he believes Wayne’s musical preferences have shifted towards hip-hop. Despite this, Charlie was quick to assert that they plan to extend an invitation to Rooney for their upcoming shows. The camaraderie between Busted and Rooney seems to have left a lasting impression, highlighting the genuine connections that music can foster.

A Lasting Impact

As they approach their anniversary tour, Busted’s members are fully aware of the lasting impact their music has had on their fans. Matt acknowledged that once someone falls in love with Busted’s music, that connection endures. He emphasized that their music has a timeless quality that resonates with people even as they grow and evolve. The band’s influence extends beyond just the music – their relatability and approachability have endeared them to audiences, exemplified by their interactions with Wayne Rooney.

In hindsight, Busted acknowledges that their journey has been marked by various phases and experiences. From the exuberance of their early days to the wisdom that comes with two decades of creating music, the band members have embraced change and growth. Through it all, they’ve remained committed to delivering performances that capture the spirit of their music and the essence of their collective journey.


Busted’s upcoming tour and potential documentary project symbolize more than just a celebration of their 20th anniversary. These endeavors offer a glimpse into the evolution of a band that has left an indelible mark on the music industry. As Charlie, Matt, and James take the stage once again, they invite fans to join them in reflecting on their incredible journey, while also looking ahead to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Whether it’s through their electrifying performances, candid moments captured on film, or the connections they’ve fostered with fans and unexpected friends, Busted’s story continues to unfold in inspiring and unexpected ways.

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