James Bay is back with a new guitar ballad

James Bay Returns with New Guitar Ballad: ‘Goodbye Never Felt So Bad’

James Bay, the acclaimed artist known for hits like ‘Hold Back The River,’ has made a triumphant return with his latest guitar ballad, ‘Goodbye Never Felt So Bad.’ The song, resonating with heartfelt emotion, explores the bittersweet nature of farewells. Bay, who recently became a father to daughter Ada with his wife Lucy in October 2021, found inspiration in the complexities of bidding adieu. This poignant track was initially shared with his fans during live performances, where its warm reception led Bay to make the decision to release it officially.

The Essence of ‘Goodbye Never Felt So Bad’

In his own words, James Bay describes ‘Goodbye Never Felt So Bad’ as a reflection on the overwhelming emotions that accompany goodbyes. He emphasizes that goodbyes rarely carry positive connotations and can often leave one feeling distraught. Given his profession as a musician, constant traveling and separations are inherent aspects of Bay’s life. This song delves into the conflicting feelings stirred by farewells, capturing the ambivalence of bidding farewell to loved ones.

Bay shared his journey with the song: “During the summer, I introduced this song in my live performances, even before I had any plans for its official release. The intention was simply to share new music for the thrill of it. Audiences can’t be coerced into liking a song; however, the response from my fans was beyond my expectations. Their enthusiastic participation, evident from raising hands to joining in the chorus, was truly incredible. Now, I’m thrilled to share the recorded version of the song with the world. I co-wrote it with my talented friend, Phil Plested. I hope it resonates with you as much as it does with me.”

A Musical Return for James Bay

This latest release marks James Bay’s first venture into new music since the launch of his album ‘Leap’ in 2022. Earlier this year, Bay disclosed that he is currently in the early stages of creating his upcoming album, aiming to highlight his prowess as a guitarist. This direction signifies a return to his musical roots, reminiscent of his earlier days when he showcased his acoustic guitar skills during open-mic performances.

Revealing his creative process, Bay shared: “When I consider my musical idols, much of their most cherished work was captured in the first or second take. There was an innate carefreeness, an attitude of ‘Let’s just do it. Express ourselves and move forward.’ Presently, that’s my approach.”

During an interview with Guitar he elaborated: “Recording an album piece by piece? I’ve followed that method extensively. I hold it in high regard; it worked remarkably well for me in the past. However, lately, I’ve found myself standing before a microphone, armed with my acoustic guitar, much like my open-mic nights. I’m pouring my heart into the performance, with no metronome or constraints. It’s liberating not to agonize over the minutiae.”

Bay underscored that while lyrics and the song’s essence remain integral, his focus is squarely on honing his guitar expertise.

He further explained: “I envision incorporating more guitar-centric elements in my songs. This might reshape perceptions over time, contingent on what the songs dictate.”

He concluded, “The essence of the song remains paramount—melody, lyrics, performance, and delivery. Yet, when I step onto the stage, a guitar will invariably be in my hands. Therefore, in the studio, I’m inclined to weave in more guitar elements.”

Expanding the Musical Horizon

James Bay’s commitment to infusing his music with genuine emotion and relatable experiences is evident in ‘Goodbye Never Felt So Bad.’ This latest track not only carries his signature musical style but also encapsulates the universal theme of bidding farewell, an experience that touches every individual at some point in life.

The artist’s journey into parenthood, marked by the birth of his daughter Ada in 2021, has evidently impacted his creative direction. Parenthood often serves as a wellspring of emotions, and Bay’s ability to channel these sentiments into his music adds a layer of authenticity that resonates deeply with listeners.

Evolving Sound and Timeless Themes

James Bay’s evolution as a musician is marked by his willingness to explore new dimensions while staying true to his roots. The decision to emphasize his guitar skills in his upcoming work reflects an artist who is unafraid of pushing boundaries while maintaining a connection to his origins.

‘Goodbye Never Felt So Bad’ echoes timeless themes of human emotion, illustrating that even as our world changes, the core experiences that shape us remain constant. This universality is what makes Bay’s music accessible and relevant to a wide audience.


James Bay’s latest offering, ‘Goodbye Never Felt So Bad,’ marks a significant chapter in his musical journey. Capturing the emotional nuances of farewells and poignant moments, Bay once again proves his prowess as a storyteller and musician. As he ventures into the creation of his next album, centered around his guitar artistry, listeners can anticipate a harmonious blend of heartfelt lyrics and skillful guitar melodies. Bay’s commitment to authenticity and his ability to connect with listeners on a personal level are what make his music truly stand out in the contemporary music landscape.

James Bay is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist who has a net worth of $8 millio

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