La Cage Aux Folles Theatre Review Round-Up

La Cage aux Folles Revived: A Glorious Celebration of Love and Identity

The recent revival of La Cage aux Folles at London’s Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is making waves, drawing attention for its vibrant cast and heartwarming portrayal of family dynamics. Helmed by the outgoing Artistic Director, Timothy Sheader, this production breathes new life into the beloved musical. Let’s delve into the details and explore what makes this revival truly special.

A Stellar Cast and Unforgettable Characters

La Cage aux Folles stars Carl Mullaney and Billy Carter as the dynamic duo at the heart of the story. Carl Mullaney, known for his roles in Chicago and Les Misérables, takes on the role of Albin, while Billy Carter, who impressed audiences in A Moon For The Misbegotten, portrays Georges. Their chemistry and authenticity in their performances bring depth to the characters and anchor the emotional core of the production.

Joining them is a talented ensemble including Ben Culleton as Jean-Michel, Julie Jupp as Marie Dindon, Shakeel Kimotho as Jacob, and more. The diverse and energetic cast contributes to the overall vibrant atmosphere of the show.

A Tale of Rediscovering Family and Prioritizing Love

At its core, La Cage aux Folles is a story about rediscovering the true essence of family and putting the needs of loved ones before your own. The characters of Georges, Albin, and their son Jean-Michel navigate a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, reminding us of the importance of embracing one another’s identities and choices.

This heartwarming narrative is beautifully underscored by the iconic songs that have made the musical a classic. Tracks like ‘I Am What I Am’ and ‘The Best of Times’ resonate with audiences, conveying messages of self-empowerment and cherishing meaningful moments.

The Creative Team Behind the Magic

The success of La Cage aux Folles would not be possible without the talented creative team that brings the show to life. Thyrza Abrahams serves as the Associate Director, while Amy Ball and Arthur Carrington work their magic as Casting Directors. The visual and aesthetic elements are skillfully handled by Guy Common (Make Up Designer), Ryan Dawson Laight (Costume Designer), and Howard Hudson (Lighting Designer). The soundscape of the production is crafted by James Hassett (Associate Sound Designer) and Nick Lidster (Sound Designer).

Choreography plays a pivotal role in the energy and rhythm of the show, thanks to Stephen Mear (Choreographer) and Ebony Molina (Associate Choreographer). The musical direction and supervision are skillfully handled by Tom Slade (Assistant Musical Director), Ben van Tienen (Musical Director), and Jennifer Whyte (Musical Supervisor).

Critics and Audiences Rave

The revival of La Cage aux Folles has garnered rave reviews from various reputable sources. The Guardian praises the production as “wonderful fun, packed with emotion, and surprisingly topical.” The Telegraph hails it as a “dazzling revival” that is both hilarious and heartfelt. The show’s ability to capture the essence of family, love, and self-expression has struck a chord with audiences and critics alike.

A Relevant Story in Changing Times

Interestingly, La Cage aux Folles has taken on a renewed relevance in the midst of ongoing cultural discussions. In 2023, the musical resonates with contemporary conversations about identity, acceptance, and the right to self-expression. The show’s themes align with the struggle for individual freedoms and acceptance, making it a poignant reflection of the times.

A Celebration of Love and Identity

In a world where acceptance and understanding are vital, La Cage aux Folles stands as a celebration of love in all its forms. Through its endearing characters, unforgettable songs, and powerful messages, the musical invites audiences to embrace their true selves and cherish the bonds that make us family. The revival at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre captures the spirit of the original while injecting it with new energy and relevance.

Join the audience at this enchanting outdoor theater experience and witness the magic of La Cage aux Folles as it unfolds until September 16, 2023. Book your tickets now and be a part of this heartwarming celebration of love, identity, and family.

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