Embrace say their new album is better than debut

American post-hardcore band Embrace wrote 500 songs for their new album and think it’s better than their 1998 debut ‘The Good Will Out’.

The band – made up of brothers Danny and Richard McNamara, Steve Firth, Mickey Dale and Mike Heaton – have not released an album since ‘This New Day’ in 2006 and say it’s taken them more than five years to write their sixth album.

Embrace say their new album is better than debut | MarkMeets Music album News |
Frontman Danny spoke out adding: ”It’s really hard to do an album better than your first one.

”That’s why we’ve been away for so long, most bands don’t want to be away for that long.

”I think we got near it with our fourth album, but finally I think now we’ve actually managed to do it, not many bands can keep the standard up.

”The festival offers are coming through and America wants us again. It’s exciting, I feel like a 15 year old again.”

The ‘Drawn from Memory’ band will release their self-titled record on April 28, which features new single ‘Refugees’, and set out on tour in May after performing at secret shows in their hometowns of Bradford and Halifax recently.

And Danny admits he didn’t think tour tickets would sell when they were approached by a promoter.

He said: ”The response has been amazing. The gigs are all selling out, when the promoter came to us and said, ‘We want to put a tour on sale’, we thought nobody would be bothered. We put the tickets on sale and when I got out of bed [the next day] most of it had already sold out.

”It was like 10,000 tickets in one day, I was like, ‘F***ing hell, we haven’t even advertised it yet’. It’s like the roller-coaster of starting again.”

Embrace will also release their new single ‘Follow You Home’ on April 28.

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