Enrique Iglesias on his new music video

Enrique Iglesias claims his new music video wasn’t supposed to be ”sexy”.

The 38-year-old heartthrob – who is in a long term relationship with former tennis ace Anna Kournikova – has insisted the video for his new single ‘I’m a Freak’ wasn’t meant to be so raunchy.

Enrique Iglesias on his new music video | MarkMeets News |
He said: ”It wasn’t supposed to be ‘sexy’, it’s just a party. The director wanted to create something that was very organic. He went to his friend’s house, threw a party and got shots of people having fun.”

The ‘Hero’ hitmaker is good friends with fellow latino musician Pitbull, who features on ‘I’m a Freak’, and he admits that because they have such similar tastes in music they get along really well.

He told French radio station NRJ: ”We both live in the same city. Actually his best friend went to high school with me.

”We both like a lot of the same music. We enjoy hanging together and listening to music.”

Enrique also confessed that they are very similar when it comes to making new material.

He added: ”He’s one of those guys who, whenever he hears something that he likes he wants to be involved, he’ll say, ‘Let’s do it!’ And it happens straight away. And vice versa with me I will tell him and we’ll do it.”

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