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Meet Afro-Caribbean singer-songwriter Sabrina Francis

Following sold-out shows across Europe and the UK, Sabrina recently released her new single ‘Cocoa Tea‘, which brings Grenadian flare to the streets of London in her incredible new music video which you can watch below.

Having grown up on a small Caribbean island, Sabrina looks fondly back at her humble childhood filled with singing and music as she reflects on a story of how her mother used to make her ‘Cocoa Tea‘.

Read more about Sabrina Francis below including an exclusive interview which the star gave to us at MarkMeets Music.

“Sabrina Francis has such a great vibe” – MarkMeets Music

The track has received support from BBC Radio London with a worldwide premiere of the new track and an exclusive interview unraveling her very interesting story and life.

Describing her music as “uplifting, emotive and inspirational”, Sabrina’s gentle vocals slowly sway you into a state of utter zen, allowing listeners to float into a small snippet of paradise.

Read our exclusive interview with Sabrina Francis

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Most of my days are quite simple actually. It can get pretty crazy according to the project I’m working on but a typical day lookssomething like this: 

I wake up around 7:00am, have a “snooze” battle with my alarm for a bit then get ready to head to the studio. While making a quick breakfast I usually take 5 minsto plan my day and outline my tasks, then I leave home at around 8:30am and head to the studio. 

It’s a 30 min drive. When I get there, I usually have a meeting with my team. We discuss plans, adjustments, failures, content etc. Once that’s done, I get to work,sometimesit’s a whole lot of administrative work and other daysIspend it working on music and writing songs. I have lunch (sushi/ pizza/salad), work some more, on some daysI have rehearsal with the band about 6:00pm, head home,sometimesI cook dinner for me and mine. Around 10:00pm I usually get another burst of energy to do some more work and I head to bed at about 12:00am. That’sit, pretty basic I think. 

Whatinfluenced you to be a singer-songwriter? 

My mom used to be a calypsonian and still is a greatsongwriter. Growing up around her creativity, singing and writing became a second language and an outlet for my sisters and I. But coming from a small island like Grenada, it didn’t really occur to me until much later that this could be a career path. That realisation I credit to my mentor/manager and pianist, Dieter Burkhalter. He shares my deep love for music and believed that we could use it to do great thingsfor myself and for others people. So here we are, doing it. 

“A positive and uplifting Afro-Caribbean music star”

How do you manage singing to larger crowds? 

That’s a skill that I’ve had to work at for a few years now, and I’m only FINALLY starting to see real growth and feel much more comfortable on stage. I’m naturally a very reserved person,so exposing myself and my work to judgement live and direct takes a special kind of courage. Iso admire the people that itseemsto come so naturally to, but for me it’s been a journey that’s only recently started to become much more pleasant. I first had to find a sound that I could stand firm in, then I had become more comfortable in my body, not only in the way it looks but also in the way it moves. My whole goal when I’m on stage isto make sure I honestly ENJOY it. Have a good time with myself, with my band and with my audience. When I do that, everything else just fallsinto place. 

You have performed with a live band many times which is amazing but how did that come about? 

Having a live band to me is very important. There’s a special energy that come from music being made on the spot with musiciansthat enjoy each other. So assoon asI’ve had music to share, I’ve always made it a point to find musiciansto play live with me.

“Beautiful voice” – Mark Boardman, music journalist

What can you tell our readers at MarkMeets about your previous musical project? 

My most recentsingle “Cocoa Tea” release is a light-hearted recollection of a core memory of mine. It’s a moment in my childhood where we had little but Isurrounded by love and my family. Whenever I smell the aroma of coca tea ( A local Grenadian beverage) it transports directly to that moment. The song “Cocoa Tea” is now available on all platforms.

Sabrina Francis – Cocoa Tea (Official Video)

Sabrina Francis has already ben awarded the John Lennon Songwriting Award in New York for her single ‘I Feel’ in 2019, and the prestigious National Culture Award for Contemporary Music in Grenada. Last year Sabrina performed a collaboration with world-renowned singer-songwriter Joss Stone on Youtube which has now garnered over 120k views. Her latest music video for Cocoa Tea has more than 181k views on YouTube in less than 2 weeks.

Be sure to follow her journey.

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