Online Payment: Which Payment Method on Online Gaming and Casino Sites is Trusted?

Online casinos and gambling sites offer many deposit and withdrawal options. Every year, iGaming industry representatives actively introduce new payment methods to their sites.

Before players can claim their free spins for $5 or bet on slots, they must choose a payment method to make their first deposit.

Every player is looking for safe and secure payment methods. Only in this way will they ensure data protection, fast transactions, and comfortable conditions of use.

Bank cards and electronic wallets are one of the most popular options. However, the operators are not limited to this. Recently, more and more casinos that accept flexepin, cryptocurrency, Paysafe cards, and other modern payment methods.

In this article, we will understand what features payment methods have. And you will be able to conclude which methods you can trust.

How to Choose the Best Method for Depositing and Withdrawing Funds at an Online Casino

First of all, the player needs to find a reliable casino site that is licensed to carry out such activities. This is important because you will be sure of the security of transactions and the fairness of the games. In addition, each online casino site has a specific list of payment methods. Among them, you have to make a choice.

The first factor that will influence your choice is the country where you are staying. There are states in which access to some payment methods is limited. As for other selection criteria, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Coating. Payment methods can allow international payments or only local or regional.
  2. Time of use. Some payments can be used around the clock; others are available only on company business days.
  3. Safety guarantee. Reliable payment systems provide data protection and encryption and two-factor authentication.
  4. Speed ​​of payment processing. Transactions can be almost instantaneous or take several days.
  5. Commissions. The fees for each payment method are also different.
  6. Limits. Companies can set limits on daily withdrawals, limits on deposit and withdrawal amounts, and more.
  7. Currencies. Different payment systems allow payments in certain currencies. You should make sure that the currency you need is permitted for transactions.

Another critical factor is bonuses. Online casino operators give gifts to customers for a deposit. But often, this rule does not apply to all payment methods. For example, the casino allows you to receive a bonus through free spins when making a deposit using bank cards. If you plan to replenish your account using an electronic wallet, the opportunity to receive a gift will disappear. This point should also be taken into account in advance. So, after making a deposit, you will not encounter such “surprises”.

Secure payment methods on gambling sites and online casinos

Payment and withdrawal methods offered by iGaming sites have their pros and cons. You should read them before making your choice.

Bank cards

Credit and debit cards are a classic payment method that almost all casino operators offer. The leading card issuers are Visa and Mastercard. Some operators also accept Maestro and American Express cards. This method is one of the most popular because it offers fast payments. The player must enter card details and confirm the transaction to deposit funds.

Benefits of using bank cards in online casinos:

  • Everyone can get a debit or bank card.
  • Funds are usually credited quickly.
  • Multiple levels of security protect against hacking.

Cons of bank cards for casino players:

  • Some banking organizations do not allow using credit cards to replenish the gaming account.
  • Payment processing time depends on the operator or online availability of the bank.

Internet voucher systems

Internet vouchers work based on prepaid vouchers. Gambling sites like Flexepin, Neosurf, and Paysafecard offer popular vouchers. For example, Flexepin provides complete anonymity when making a payment and security. Users who deposit at an online casino using this method do not provide personal information. The user’s voucher receives a unique code (Flexepin has 16 digits), which he enters when paying. Another advantage of Flexepin is that this voucher does not have an expiration date like a bank card. Therefore, it can be used for many years without restriction.

As for the general benefits of internet vouchers for online casino players:

  • Vouchers are available in different countries, so that users can buy them in almost any city.
  • This payment method is secure as the player does not provide personal payment details.
  • Internet vouchers allow you to control your spending. This is especially important when a person can lose control over gambling rates. With a limited voucher, the player can keep track of their budget. And also, have fun in the casino and get pleasant emotions without the risk of becoming addicted.

Any payment method has disadvantages. For some, they may seem significant, forcing them not to choose them. For others, the disadvantages may not majorly impact the choice.

Internet vouchers have several disadvantages:

  • Some vouchers work like cash. You will not be able to get a refund if you lose your voucher.
  • Vouchers have balance limits. As a rule, these limits are small. For example, Paysafecard has a $200 limit.

Electronic wallets and payment systems

Using bank cards to make a deposit and withdraw funds is usually the choice of beginners. More experienced players often prefer to choose e-wallets and payment systems for transactions on gambling sites. 

The most popular wallets in the online space of gamblers are:

PayPal. This most popular method among gamblers allows you to withdraw money and replenish your gaming account without registering a debit card.

  • Neteller. Another simple payment method that uses digital currencies and guarantees high-speed transactions.
  • Skrill. A worthy alternative to an electronic wallet, which has a similar principle of payment on the casino website. The player must fund an online account before making transactions on an online gaming site.
  • EcoPayz. This is a new payment method that is actively gaining popularity. Users can create accounts and spend money safely on the casino site.
  • Webmoney. An electronic payment system in which you can start wallets in euros and dollars. The disadvantage of the system is high commissions and limited payment methods. However, users can create a separate wallet for the online casino. So, the user will be able to replenish the account / withdraw winnings and not violate personal financial turnover.

Advantages of electronic wallets and electronic payment systems for gambling fans:

  • A large number of gambling sites offer these payment methods. This confirms the fact that they are reliable and safe.
  • Electronic wallets allow you to protect your bank card details from unauthorized persons. This system can intermediate your bank card and the casino site.
  • Using electronic payment systems is very easy. The user needs to create an account, fund the account and then make a deposit on the casino site.
  • This payment method is suitable for depositing and withdrawing funds. Transactions are fast.

This payment method has certain disadvantages. These should be considered when you make your decision:

  • High fees for currency conversion.
  • Compliance with country laws. For example, in many US states, e-wallets are prohibited in online casinos.
  • Some electronic systems require you to maintain an account. The wallet owner will pay a certain amount if the account is inactive.


More and more casino sites are adding cryptocurrencies to the list of available payment methods: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and others. The popularity of digital currencies in online casinos is due to their many advantages.

  • The player can use the crypto wallet without opening an account and filling out an application for any purpose.
  • Many cryptocurrencies provide fast payouts. For example, Bitcoin transactions take about 15 minutes. And for example, LTC allows you to make a payment in a few seconds.
  • Cryptocurrencies guarantee security because they are part of an impenetrable digital network.
  • Cryptocurrencies can appreciate over time. Along with this, the winnings of the gambler will also increase.

Of course, this payment method also has its drawbacks. First, many users do not understand anything in this direction. It is difficult for players to get crypto coins and start crypto wallets. However, this problem is not so serious. Experienced players release videos and articles with tips on registering and buying cryptocurrency on crypto exchanges.

As for the cons that can really affect your choice:

  • Mistakes are not allowed when using cryptocurrencies. The player will lose their money forever if they enter the wrong wallet address.
  • Cryptocurrencies run on decentralized blockchains. There are no services that can be contacted in case of loss of digital currency.
  • Cryptocurrencies are unstable. On the one hand, this seems to be a plus. But, on the other hand, this can be a significant disadvantage. The exchange rate of the cryptocurrency may rise, or it may fall. In the second case, there is a risk of losing your winnings.

Bank transfers

Another method that gamblers choose for betting and withdrawing funds is traditional banking. They are suitable for active casino players who deposit and withdraw large amounts. Also, bank transfers are an excellent choice for players who do not have e-wallets or bank cards.

Reliable casinos offer the following options as a payment method:

  • InstaDebit. A fast method allows you to transfer money from a bank account to the casino easily.
  • iDEAL. A great way to fund a casino account, which is very popular in Europe. Its only drawback is that the player cannot withdraw funds using this method.

Pros of bank transfers in the world of online casinos:

  1. High security and protection against the involvement of third parties. Large financial companies usually carry out transactions. For this reason, the level of security can be called exemplary.
  2. Excellent service. This plus is a continuation of the first. The user can contact the financial company at any time to resolve their issues.

Cons of bank transfers for gamblers:

  • Companies conduct thorough identity verification to ensure security. Because of this, payment processing can take up to 7 business days.
  • Banking fees can be high.

Contactless payments

Mobile and electronic payment systems allow casino players to solve a significant problem – making deposits safely and not revealing card details. 

Google Pay and Apple Pay proved their reliability in this direction:

  • Google Pay. This is a typical application for electronic transactions that began appearing in the casino’s payment methods. Users note the high speed of payments. To deposit on the casino website, the user must link a bank card to Google Pay.
  • Apple Pay. This money transfer app also allows you to make transactions with the tap of a finger. Users do not need to use a credit card directly. Using Apple Pay, the player’s device is linked to the card’s bank, and the user can quickly conduct transactions on the online casino website.

The Klarna payment system has similar functions, which allow you to keep your bank card details hidden. The user can use this method to deposit and withdraw their winnings. The company operates online banking for transactions. When a player wants to deposit money using this payment method, the system automatically redirects him to the Internet banking environment. The user needs to select their bank and country, enter data and confirm the payment.

Advantages of online payments for gamblers:

  • Guaranteed high-security measures.
  • Convenience and high speed of transactions.
  • You can make deposits on the go without having to re-enter your details.
  • Zero commissions.
  • Large selection of gambling operators where you can bet using this method.


  • You cannot withdraw money from the casino using these methods.
  • There are a limited number of casinos that offer this payment method.

Payment via mobile operator

Paying by phone is another payment method that is becoming increasingly popular. This simple feature allows players to make deposits using their mobile phone accounts.

The main advantages of paying through a mobile operator for casino players:

  • Increased payment security. No need to write your bank details anywhere. Thus, this payment method can be called one of the safest.
  • You can pay by phone in any convenient place. This is incredibly convenient for mobile casino fans.
  • You can track your gambling spending by adding payments to your phone bill.
  • High translation speed. This method does not require verification, so it does not delay the transaction.

Cons of this payment method:

  • The phone account cannot be used to withdraw winnings.
  • Restrictions on replenishment of the game account may be set.
  • The method is not available in all countries.


The most reliable payment methods on an online casino site are multifunctional aggregators. They protect financial transactions, have a simple and intuitive interface, and various payment tools are available in the player’s country. Reliable payment systems are used by many licensed casinos that value their reputation and customer safety. For this reason, the same payment methods are found on many gambling sites. This suggests that such systems have proven to be reliable and safe. Which payment method you choose depends solely on your preferences.

Recently, players have been actively using cryptocurrencies, vouchers, and electronic wallets. However, your choice should be subjective and based on your capabilities and wishes.

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