Lily Allen interview: Men are behind women’s success

Lily Allen believes there is a man behind every successful woman in the music industry.

The 28-year-old ‘Smlie’ singer – who recently made her pop comeback following a four-year hiatus – insists the women behind popular male artists never get recognised, but those who produced female artists always become known.

Lily told Radio 2: ”It’s interesting that some of the biggest artists, if not most of them, are women.”

Lily Allen says Men are behind women's success | MarkMeets Music Interview News |
Lily added: ”You’ll also notice, of those big, successful, female artists, there’s always a man behind the woman-piece. ”Whether it ‘s Beyonce it’s Jay Z, if it’s Adele it’s Paul Hepworth, with me it was Mark Ronson, same with Amy Winehouse. It’s sort of like you never get that with men.

”You can’t think of the man behind the man because it’s never a conversation which is bought up. If you’re Ed Sheeran nobody talks about who produced his music.”

Although Lily has strong female views, her new album ‘Sheezus’ is intended as a tribute to Kanye West, and she insists despite being a parody of his record ‘Yeezus’ it is nothing more than a sign of ”respect”.

MarkMeets have been told that Lily only made £8000 from John Lewis single.

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