Little Mix talk about the inspiration to their tour

Little Mix: ‘Beyoncé inspired our tour – the energy and passion she has is amazing’

Pop Girl group Little Mix have revealed that there’s one act they really look up to when planning the stage show for a tour and they admire this particular artist for her limitless energy and dedication.

Little Mix talk about the inspiration to their tour | Music News |
Speaking to US OK mag, the ‘Salute’ stars explained that Beyoncé is such an inspiration to them: “Beyoncé—her tour is incredible. She’s in a class of her own but we definitely look up to Beyoncé and everything that she does and the passion that she has.”

When asked by the magazine if there are any other acts that they hope might come out to one of their U.S. tour dates, the beauties name-dropped ‘Talk Dirty’ hitmaker Jason Derulo, adding:

“Oooh. Well, we’ve seen Jason Derulo [at one of our shows], we’d love for him to come. That would be good. I would like Rihanna to come because I love her. She would be my dream guest. And obviously Beyonce as well would be amazing.”

Little Mix also opened up about their choreography, admitting that it’s an exhausting show they’re putting on at the moment: “It’s the whole show, literally. There’s not one moment where we breathe. But yeah we love it. We just want to put on a big show and entertain people and we don’t want people to be bored watching it. And if you’re not a fan yet, our aim is to make you become a mixer!”

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