Miley Cyrus talks more about her ‘Bangerz’ tour

The ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker Miley Cyrus has teased that her upcoming ‘Bangerz’ tour will be ‘fun and carefree’ and will be a real experience for her fans.

The songstress has revealed that she is excited to create a character based on herself for the run of dates because she wants to make a statement about the way in which the public perceive her:

Miley Cyrus talks more about her ''Bangerz' tour | MarkMeets Music News |

“I don’t have a hard time making fun of myself, so the whole thing is making the way people perceive me and doing that even more, be the character myself. That’s what I think I’ve been representing, more than anything, in the past year. Being fun and carefree, and that’s really what the show represents.”

She also confessed that there will be a strong visual aspect to the ‘Bangerz’ tour and added that she will be bringing a huge screen on the road with her, which will display animations of “kitties” and other cute things:

“That’s something I’ve actually had to fight for a little bit. It isn’t the easiest thing to travel with in the space that we’re using, and in some of the cities, my screen is actually too large… each city is going to be the biggest that it can be, and the best that their arena will allow us to have. Everything will always feel big … some of the stuff we’re doing is so dope.”

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