Most viewed music videos by Doja Cat

Doja Cat first gained popularity with her viral YouTube videos. As with most successful YouTube stars, Doja worked her way into the mainstream. However, unlike most of them, she is still here. Three albums, several hit singles, and millions of views later, Doja Cat is one of the most successful artists in popular music today.

Doja Cat didn’t set out to make a “feminist anthem” with her song Woman as the rapper/singer, whose eal name Amala Dlamini, recorded the song for her third studio album Planet Her, with the track garnering three Grammy nominations, hadn’t planned to make a “great statement” with the release.

Her music videos always contain incredibly eye-popping and eye-catching visuals. She has also collaborated with many talented artists. Many of Doja’s videos have racked up millions of views since their release. But which one of them contains the most views?

8 Rules – 186 Million Views

There are a lot of music videos which take place in the desert. The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ video for their hit “Give It Away” is one famous example. When you do a music video in the desert, the pressure is on to bring something new compared to other artists. With the video for this song, Doja Cat more than delivered. This video was directed by Christian Sutton and produced by Psycho Films. In the video, Doja plays the boss of a Cat Mafia gang.

7 Streets – 231 Million Views

This song blew up thanks to TikTok. The song went viral on the app when used during the Silhouette Challenge. The TikTok made use of the song “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” by Paul Anka. In the video, Doja does the Silhouette Challenge and incorporates the song “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” right before “Streets” begins. The video has been described as an erotic, horror-fantasy, with some critics comparing it to film noir. In the video, Doja is seen seducing a cab driver, who is revealed to have imagined the events at the video’s conclusion.

6 You Right (With The Weeknd) – 246 Million Views

Doja’s collaboration with The Weeknd received the video treatment and was released alongside her album “Planet Her.” Doja achieved huge success with this song and pushed her artistic vision even further with the video. Doja plays a Greek goddess-like figure in a kingdom among the clouds. The clip was influenced by astrology, with Doja’s wig being shaped as the Libra symbol, since that’s her sign. With The Weeknd being an Aquarius, he is represented by the water bearer.

5 Like That (featuring Gucci Mane) – 260 Million Views

When the world went into lockdown in 2020, everything stopped. Some artists already had music videos filmed prior to the quarantine, so there were still clips being released in the months after lockdown began. Doja was one of those artists who had a video in the pipeline which was ready to be released. The video for this song was released in June 2020 after the clip was leaked online. Despite the leak, the official music video has generated millions of views and the song was very successful.

4 Need to Know – 285 Million Views

Celebrity cameos in music videos have become commonplace. From Taylor Swift’s two cameo-filled videos (“Bad Blood” and “You Need To Calm Down”) to Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next,” celebrity cameos are almost a guaranteed way to get even more views. This naturally helps a song boost its chart position. With this video, Doja has cameos from Grimes and Ryan Destiny. The video takes place in a club featuring tons of cyborgs and aliens. Doja is seen dancing with one man in particular, who is revealed to be a cyborg at the end of the video.

3 Juicy (featuring Tyga) – 322 Million Views

If there’s one thing that’s trendy right now, it’s nostalgia. That nostalgia is particularly geared towards the 90s and every aspect of pop culture that took place during that decade. With this video, Doja paid tribute to a certain type of music video that was seen often in the 90s. The video for “Groove Is in the Heart” by the dance band Deee-Lite is one of the videos said to have inspired this clip. The video for the song is set to its remix, which features Tyga. The video is fruit-themed and suits the song’s vibe very well.

2 Kiss Me More (Featuring SZA) – 397 Million Views

When Doja announced her album “Planet Her,” so many people were curious as to what that meant. Why is that the album’s title? Is this a planet Doja herself envisioned? Do all these songs take place on this planet? What happens on this planet? In the video for one of her most successful single to date, Doja answers most of those questions. In the video, Doja and SZA seduce and trap male astronauts in their lair. Their target in this video is played by actor Alex Landi.

1 Say So – 458 Million Views

Doja’s highest-viewed music video features cameo appearances from TikTok stars Dontè Colley and Haley Sharpe. Sharpe actually created a dance for this particular song that went viral on the app prior to the video being filmed. Doja decided to capitalize on the trend by featuring the TikTok stars in the video and including the dance. The video was filmed at the Sheats–Goldstein Residence in Beverly Crest, Los Angeles. It was directed by Hannah Lux Davis and features Josué de La Vega as Doja’s love interest.

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