Nina Nesbitt talks fame, Ed Sheeran and her modelling past

Nina Nesbitt on fame: “I would find it scary if I had people chasing me, the way they chase One Direction”

Nina’s music talent and connection with Ed Sheeran has introduced her to thousands of teenage fans. She’s toured with chav faveExample, co-written with Snow Patrol BFF Iain Archer and on her forthcoming debut LP, Peroxide, duets with dewy eyed Dubliners Kodaline. Her record company suspects it may have stumbled on the next big talent in acoustic pop. It could well be right.

Nina Nesbitt talks fame, Ed Sheeran and her modelling past | MarkMeets Music News |
“I’m definitely ambitious,” says Nesbitt. “I’ve supported Ed and Example and I would love to be at their level. I’m the sort who is never content. I constantly feel the need to do better – that’s what drives me. I would love to tour the world, play to as many people as possible. You see that success up close and you crave some of it for yourself.”

She hasn’t spoken to Sheeran in a while but is grateful for having fallen into his orbit. Observing him interact with fans was hugely educational. A superstar who conducts himself like a normal human being, she regards Ed as evidence that you can achieve greatness without become a horrible tabloid caricature of yourself.

The 19-year-old Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt has been talking about her early experiences of fame to the Irish Independent about her run-ins with the paparazzi last year:

“I was on a private break – hadn’t told anybody where I was going. Then, I turn on Twitter and everyone’s saying, ‘you’re in the paper – in your bikini!’ To say I was shocked is an understatement.”

The ‘Selfies’ star also spoke about her modelling past – a career she decided to leave behind:

“I did catwalk stuff, photoshoots, what have you. It was a lot of fun – ultimately not for me. I didn’t like the pressure about being a certain size, of not being able to dye your hair, all of that.”

Despite her burgeoning success Nina insisted that she is determined to stay focused on her music:

“I try not to focus on the fame side. I concentrate on the music. We’re all normal human beings. It’s what surrounds certain individuals that causes them to be perceived as different. Opening the paper and seeing pictures of myself is unreal. I’m sure I would find it scary if I had people chasing me, the way they chase One Direction. I wouldn’t like that at all.”

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