Skrillex wanted to make a crazy debut album

Dubstep producer Skrillex wanted his debut album ‘Recess’ to be crazy and said streaming it on his app was for the fans.

He kept details of his record ‘Recess’ a secret before streaming it in full on his Alien Ride app earlier this week ahead of the official release on March 18.

Skrillex wanted to make a crazy debut album | MarkMeets Music app News |
Skrillex told RollingStonemag the process was about: ”Taking my sound and expanding on it, but being more playful, taking it to different places.”

The record features a number of cameos, including Chance the Rapper, Diplo and Kid Harpoon and Skrillex insists he has worked hard to make the album cohesive.

He explained: ”I call my songs vibescapes … There’s always a foundation under the tracks that you can feel and pick up on. An emotion. There’s a lot of organic samples … wind, breaths, clocks cut into tiny pieces.

”I never made pure club music early on. All the first Skrillex releases were hard to mix into.”

He added: ”I wanted to make a crazy record [but] I wanted to stay true to who Skrillex is.”

Talking about the mysterious app, which was nothing more than a game with a countdown clock, Tim Smith, his longtime manager, said: ”That signals that something’s coming, but no one knows what it is.”

Skrillex, 26, admits he’ll probably make less money sreaming his album through the app first but it was ”more about the fans.”

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