Tom DeLonge teases Blink-182 are at their ‘best’ on comeback album

Blink-182 Teases “Best Album Yet” Amidst Exciting World Tour and Reunion

Blink-182, the beloved pop punk veterans known for their energetic performances, are gearing up to release a new album that has got fans buzzing with excitement. The band, consisting of co-frontman Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Barker, and original co-frontman Tom DeLonge, has already treated fans to a taste of their musical prowess with the release of their latest single ‘EDGING.’ This track marks Tom’s return to the band after a decade since their 2011 LP ‘Neighbourhoods,’ making it a truly special moment for both the band and their dedicated followers.

A Nostalgic Trip with Tom DeLonge

In an interview, Tom DeLonge expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming album and the ongoing world tour. He revealed that the band has been on a delightful “nostalgia trip“, and according to him, their new album could be their finest work to date. With a hint of excitement, Tom shared that he genuinely believes they are writing their best songs, a statement that is sure to pique the interest of Blink-182 enthusiasts worldwide.

A Perfect Blend of Old and New

The reunion tour has proven to be a significant milestone for Blink-182. Tom mentioned that the production for the tour is an ideal representation of everything the band stands for. It successfully intertwines nostalgia, history, fun, reverence, childhood charm, rebellion, and technology. This unique blend breathes new life into their performances, and fans have been thrilled to witness the band’s signature sound combined with a fresh and vibrant touch.

Blink-182’s Journey Post-Reunion

Before reuniting with Tom DeLonge, Blink-182 released two albums with Matt Skiba, who served as his stand-in. ‘California’ in 2016 and ‘Nine’ in 2019 received mixed reactions from fans. However, the return of the original lineup has sparked renewed enthusiasm among the fanbase. With Tom back in the mix, anticipation is soaring for their upcoming album, set to delight audiences worldwide.

Mark Hoppus’s Battle and Relief

Apart from their musical endeavors, Mark Hoppus’s battle with stage 4 cancer was a challenging period for both him and the band. However, the good news came when he was declared cancer-free in September 2021. Following this relief, Blink-182 announced their reunion plans and the much-awaited world tour, bringing joy to fans who eagerly waited for their favorite band’s return to the stage.

Blink-182 Discography: A Journey Through Time

Blink-182, the iconic pop punk band, has had a long and influential career in the music industry. From their early beginnings in the 1990s to their latest releases, their discography is a testament to their evolution and enduring popularity. Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we explore Blink-182’s discography.

1. Cheshire Cat (1995)

Blink-182’s debut studio album, “Cheshire Cat,” was released in 1995. It featured a raw and energetic sound, characteristic of the skate punk genre. With tracks like “M+M’s,” “Wasting Time,” and “Carousel,” the album quickly gained a dedicated fanbase and laid the foundation for their future success.

2. Dude Ranch (1997)

In 1997, Blink-182 released “Dude Ranch,” their second studio album. This record marked a significant step forward for the band, both in terms of musical maturity and commercial success. The album included the hit single “Dammit,” which received widespread airplay and further solidified Blink-182’s position in the punk rock scene.

3. Enema of the State (1999)

“Enema of the State,” released in 1999, was a game-changer for Blink-182. This album catapulted them to mainstream success and became a pop punk anthem of the late ’90s and early 2000s. Hits like “All the Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again?,” and “Adam’s Song” dominated the airwaves and music charts, making Blink-182 a household name.

4. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001)

Continuing their winning streak, Blink-182 released “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” in 2001. The album showcased their ability to balance catchy hooks with introspective lyrics. Tracks like “The Rock Show,” “Stay Together for the Kids,” and “First Date” solidified their status as pop punk superstars.

5. Blink-182 (2003)

“Blink-182,” the band’s eponymous album, hit the shelves in 2003. This record saw Blink-182 embracing a more mature and experimental sound. Tracks like “Feeling This,” “I Miss You,” and “Down” showcased their growth as musicians and expanded their fanbase beyond the pop punk community.

6. Neighborhoods (2011)

After a brief hiatus, Blink-182 returned with “Neighborhoods” in 2011. This album marked the departure of Tom DeLonge and the inclusion of Matt Skiba as his replacement. While it received mixed reviews, tracks like “Up All Night” and “After Midnight” demonstrated the band’s enduring ability to connect with their audience.

7. California (2016)

In 2016, Blink-182 released “California,” their first album with Matt Skiba as a full-time member. The album received positive reviews and commercial success, with tracks like “Bored to Death” and “She’s Out of Her Mind” capturing the classic Blink-182 sound.

8. Nine (2019)

“Nine,” released in 2019, marked Blink-182’s ninth studio album. It showcased a more diverse range of styles, incorporating elements of pop, punk, and rock. Tracks like “Darkside” and “I Really Wish I Hated You” displayed the band’s willingness to experiment while staying true to their roots.

9. Upcoming Album (TBD)

As of the latest information, Blink-182 is set to release a new album, and fans are eagerly anticipating what they have in store next. With Tom DeLonge back in the lineup, the excitement is at an all-time high, and this new release could become a defining moment in their discography.

As Blink-182 prepares to unveil their new album, the excitement among fans is palpable. Tom DeLonge’s assurance that this could be their best album yet has heightened the anticipation to a whole new level. The world tour has been a celebration of the band’s legacy, combining nostalgia with fresh energy, and fans have been showered with a captivating experience.

Blink-182 has come a long way since their formation and has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Their reunion marks a significant chapter in their journey, and fans couldn’t be happier. The wait for their upcoming album continues, and one thing is for sure – Blink-182’s music is timeless, and they are ready to rock the world once again!

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