Influencer Molly-Mae Hague reveals she cried ‘every single day’ at start of pregnancy

Molly-Mae Hague has opened up about the tougher parts of pregnancy, revealing she cried every day during the beginning stages.

Last year she made £1.2m and now the former Love Island star is expecting her first child with boyfriend Tommy Fury, and has been sharing her journey so far with fans.

Speaking in her most recent YouTube video, Molly, 23, explained: ‘I had extreme emotions up to seven weeks, so from finding out to about seven or eight weeks, I was so, so, so emotional. I cried literally every single day.

‘Emotions were very high and I felt sad a lot which was very weird because all our dreams had come true.

‘I had fallen pregnant. I was so, so happy, but I couldn’t feel that happiness yet. Up until eight weeks, I felt quite sad, which I didn’t expect.’

The couple, who met on the 2019 series of Love Island, announced last month that they’re expecting their first child, and have since confirmed they’re expecting a baby girl.

They also have a name firmly in mind, with Molly explaining: ‘Yes, we do have a baby girl name picked out.

‘I’ve had the name picked out since I was basically a baby girl myself!’

She explained it has ‘always been my dream baby girl name, and luckily when I met Tommy and I told him the name…he absolutely loved it too.’

Molly didn’t reveal the name but described it as ‘really, really unusual and different.’

‘I do not know anybody else with the name. I have not really seen any other girls with the name before.

Molly added that the public will probably ‘either love it or hate it,’ admitting: ‘It is super unusual, super different.

‘Nobody will guess it because it’s not even really a name.’

She clarified that it was ‘not made up, it’s totally not made up, but I can’t explain it, it’s just not a name that’s ever really been used before.’

Meanwhile, she’s continued to be open about the ups and downs of pregnancy, recently revealing that she had learned she had an anterior placenta.

An anterior placenta is where the placenta attaches to the front wall of the uterus and makes it more difficult for the baby’s movements to be felt from outside.

She had struggled with fear after being unable to feel her baby move inside her – and on the rare moments she could, dad-to-be Tommy couldn’t feel anything.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Molly wrote alongside sweet snaps of her ultrasound: ‘So I actually have an anterior placenta.

‘I have been getting quite disheartened at how little I’ve been able to feel her move… especially when I can feel her and Tommy can’t when he touches my belly.’

She said it was ‘really reassuring to know’ the reason behind it, explaining: ‘My placenta is literally a huge sponge between me and the baby that’s absorbing all her movement and preventing me from really feeling it.’

Molly added: ‘Think it’ll be a while yet until we see her little legs kicking through or Tommy feels her but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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