7 Common Dental Problems and Diseases

We all want healthy gum and teeth for a winning smile and a boost in our confidence level. 

But do you know that some people suffer from bad breath? It is one of the most common dental issues and is one of the most treatable. 

In this article, we will look at some common dental issues you might suffer from. 

7 Common Dental Problems You Should Know 

Here are seven common dental problems like how to drill a hole to repair a tooth and other similar issues you might face daily that can become more serious.

1.  Gum Disease 

Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease. Suppose it is a bacterial infection that is affected by plaque buildup. Some of the common symptoms include swelling, gums turning red, and bleeding easily.  

If you suffer from gum diseases, you might also experience bad breath and sensitive teeth that hurt when you chew. 

Gingivitis can be painless and might go unnoticed. However, make sure you regularly visit the dentist. 

2. Tooth Decay 

Tooth decay is known as dental cavities. It is the most common issue that dentists see in patients. 

Thus, tooth decay usually occurs when bacteria form a film or plaque on the surface of the teeth. The bacteria produce acid from the sugars present in the food. Furthermore, the acid damages the enamel or the outer layer of your teeth.

The breakdown of teeth leads to holes or cavities in the teeth. This can start with a toothache when you eat or drink something sweet. Other symptoms of tooth decay are:

  • Brown or black spot on the teeth.
  • Bad breath.
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth. 

3. Sensitive Teeth 

Often, your teeth get sensitive to cold and hot food and drinks, which is when the enamel is worn away, exposing the dentin. 

The dentin has nerves that connect the teeth deeper. So when you consume hot or cold food or drink, the substance travels through the tube and causes intense pain. 

Tooth sensitivity is also known as dentin hypersensitivity, which can lead to tooth decay. Some of the other possible causes involve:

  • Enamel erosion.
  • Receding gums.
  • Worn down crown.
  • Root infection.
  • Gum disease. 

4. Bad Breath 

Bad breath is one of the most common dental issues. It is caused by the following factors which include:

  • Cancer.
  • Infection.
  • Medication.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Acid reflux.

Even the food that you eat can be the cause of your halitosis. For instance, onion and garlic are some of the common culprits. This is because the cause of bad breath can be severe, and the dentist will do a complete examination and prescribe a course of action that best suits the case. 

5. Root Infection 

The base or the root of your teeth can become infected with bacteria. It mostly occurs because of cavities, fractures, and cracks in the tooth. 

Thus, root infection can lead to further damage to the tissue or nerve of the tooth. 

However, if you are experiencing chronic throbbing toothache, it is one sure sign of root infection. Both biting and chewing will be painful, and the area of infection will be sensitive to any cold or hot food or drink. 

6. Teeth Grinding 

When you grind your teeth, it is often known to be bruxism. Thus, grinding can often occur when you sleep as well as when you are awake. 

Some dental condition can also lead to grinding and includes:

  • An abnormal bite.
  • New filling or crown in the other teeth. 

7. Enamel Erosion 

Enamel erosion develops slowly and leaves the teeth rounded-looking and discolored. It is caused mainly by the consumption of sugar and acidic food such as sweets and soda over a long time.

You might sometimes face the issue if you brush your teeth for too long and hard. Hence, teeth with enamel erosion cannot restore the lost enamel. 

Treat Your Dental Problem As Soon As Possible 

Some of the common disease that creates an impact on oral health is a cavity, oral cancer, and gum disease. Thus, do not prolong your dental treatment if you have any toothache that does not go away. 

Have you got some common problems that you need clarification on? You can visit the caring dental clinic in Singapore and schedule an appointment with the professionals. Whenever there is severe pain that is accompanied by bleeding, it is a dental emergency. 

Dental issues can affect the quality of your life and general health and hamper your self-confidence. Whenever you notice any sign of these common dental problems, start your treatment as soon as possible. 

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